10 ways to improve eyesight. It’s time to say goodbye to glasses

Deterioration of vision – a common phenomenon today. I’m not proud of my eyesight, because I’m short-sighted. It wasn’t until I was in school that the first symptoms appeared: after taking turns in the afternoon, I was forced to do my homework by lamplight in the evening. In the winter, I would turn on the lights early, sometimes by candlelight. Then I went to university. At that time, I didn’t even wear glasses, but my eyesight was blurred.… Course, diploma work, master’s degree.

How to restore vision As I remember, I often asked myself this question: is it possible to improve vision without surgery? I found a way that worked for me. The method is based on the basic concept of medicine or the notion that muscles weaken when they do not work. The eye muscles, like the muscles of other organs, must function constantly so that there are no defects. Here are 10 ways to restore your eyesight at home. Remember that even a person with good eyesight should do it.

1. Try to reduce eye strain throughout the day. Close your eyes for a few minutes every 3 hours.

2. I do these 16 exercises every day, and I recommend you do them too. After two weeks, you will feel the results, so you can start doing it regularly.

3. If you wear glasses regularly, always wear glasses. Take the glasses and work the eye muscles.

4. You need to massage your eyes. Can be done in a soft circle. Apply as shown in the figure, at points 1-7. Use your middle or index finger to press on the eyes. You should feel a little pressure, not pain.

5. When walking down the street, for example, look as far away as possible as you leave work. There is no need to look around.

6. Treat yourself to carrot juice. If possible, every day. To make it more effective, add two drops of olive oil. This will not spoil the taste. Carrots are a very good vegetable for the eyes.

7. If your eyes are very tired in the evening, use aloe vera juice instead of regular eye drops. Be sure to consult a doctor before using natural herbs.

8. Stop watching TV, computer, smartphone or tablet 2 hours before bedtime.

9. If eyes are tired, wash with lukewarm water.

10. You can practice Trataka in India. To do the exercise, adjust your eyesight in front of a lighted candle and pay attention. Don’t close your eyes. The image of the object should fit well in your memory and brain. Now close your eyes and focus on your eyebrows. I still imagine a candle in my mind. Doing this exercise for 10 minutes is more effective.