Laptop LG ultra PC 15U590-LR26K Reviews

LG UltraPC 15U590-LR26K

The corona virus continues to be a formidable day. As social distance continues, students are also experiencing many inconveniences. The new students started a new semester without an entrance ceremony, and because of concerns about group infections, they entered the world’s first online school.

The need for related devices has increased rapidly as online classes have been conducted from elementary school students to university students. If you don’t have a PC in the past, you may need a laptop for personal use.

If you suddenly want to buy a laptop that you didn’t plan, you’re worried about budgeting. So I’m looking for a more economical option. If you choose from the LG laptop lineup, the UltraPC is at a lower price point. The recently released model is the 15U590-LR26K. Indeed, I tried to check what it would be like to use it as a laptop for personal use.

There are a few checkpoints for the laptop I think. First of all, as you have to study online for a long time, you can have a display with less eyestrain.

Other than that, it sounds like enough sound output, a keyboard with easy document input, fast internet speed, a webcam, an easy-to-use operating system and maintenance, and office PC-level performance. Now, let’s check this notebook for each point.

The UltraPC 15U590-LR26K is equipped with a 39.6 cm large screen LED display, equivalent to 15.6 inches. The resolution is FHD (1920×1080).

It’s a 15.6 inch large screen, so it’s great for online learning. If you look at the screen at its maximum, you can secure a proper viewing distance. It is suitable for creating a document with a word program while dividing the screen into two and watching the video.

Online learning is often a search for materials through web surfing. It shows a sufficiently bright screen at full brightness. There was no inconvenience in using it in the dark. However, since it is a glare display, it is not possible to avoid light or light reflection. If you feel tired of your eyes with these light reflections, you can also purchase and use a non-glare film separately.

LG notebooks have their own eye protection mode. This is Reader Mode. By using this mode, you can see the effect of reducing the blue light and making your eyes more comfortable. In the photo, it looks a bit dark, but in reality you can see the screen changing from white with a blue tint to white with a yellow tint.

An HD webcam is mounted at the top of the display. In online learning, it can be used for interactive communication or video calls such as Skype. The image quality is not as good as the webcam on a typical laptop. It’s good enough for general chat use.

Audio supports DTS & Headphon X. The bass booster, volume leveling, surround sound, and 3D FX settings on the internal speaker give you a more immersive sound experience. When you connect a wired earphone, it automatically switches to the headphone setting. You can set the mode according to the content. In addition, it supports Bluetooth connection, so you can connect wireless headphones and earphones.

The speakers are equipped with stereo speakers (1.5W * 2) on both sides of the floor. When I turned the volume up to the maximum, I was able to experience a very powerful stereo sound. I felt it was enough to listen to online lectures or watch multimedia.

The keyboard is equipped with a full-size 98 key. There are separate numeric keys for easy entry. The touchpad looked a bit smaller than the size of a laptop. There is no big difference compared to the Gram 15 you have. The key feel is a little light, but it’s a good standard for a typical laptop.

The downside is that there is no backlight. If you use your laptop frequently in the dark, it is a part that can cause discomfort, so you should check it out.

Among the function keys at the top of the keyboard, FN + F8 is a shortcut for DTS audio and FN + F9 is a reader mode. If you change the audio settings on the fly, or if you frequently switch to reader mode, I think you can use it conveniently.

This laptop comes preinstalled with Windows 10 OS, so anyone can use it easily. Dedicated programs such as LG Control Center are also installed, so you can easily perform updates or maintenance.

In light of the experience of using a non-OS version of a laptop, if you are unfamiliar with using a computer, using a version with Windows is less stressful in many ways. If you consider the cost aspect, the unloaded version without OS cost can see more savings.

Internet connection is required to view online classes. This product is equipped with Intel AC9560 Gigabit Wireless LAN, so it can speed up to 1.73Gbps with wireless Wi-Fi. In other words, you can enjoy high-definition video and high-capacity file transfers at gigabit speeds! Of course, you need to use Giga Internet service that can support this.

This product is equipped with a Pentium dual-core 5405U processor, 128GB SSD for storage, and DDR4 2133 4GB for RAM. It can be said to be an entry-level down spec. Ram has an expansion slot so you can upgrade by adding one more.

I tested it using the PCMARK 10 bench program to judge performance. The score was 2176 points. Considering that the gaming laptop averages 4515 points, it can be said to be a general purpose office PC level. For reference, the LG Gram 15 released this year scored 4288 points.

The Pentium dual-core, built-in graphics, and 4GB of RAM are less than the minimum specifications for the latest high-end games. (Depending on the game, of course) The game for PC, Game of Thrones-A Telltale Games Series, was able to play without difficulty. When I checked it, it was close to the minimum specification of this game. For those who want to play on a laptop, it is a good idea to compare the minimum requirements of the game you want to the specifications of the laptop you want to purchase and check whether it is possible.

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