Signature stores Samsung Electronics will receive an updated design. A new concept for Samsung branded stores involves changing the zoning of space with its division into several sectors. Visitors to the updated stores will be able not only to purchase the brand’s devices, but also to test new products, as well as receive premium service in a comfortable space designed and decorated in accordance with the latest design trends.In separate service areas, customers will be able to update their software, transfer data to a new smartphone, change settings, and receive expert advice on the functionality of devices. In company stores of the new design concept, the approach to zoning has been changed: now 70% of the area is planned to be devoted to sales, and 30% to testing devices in demo zones.   The largest branded stores will be integrated with Service Plaza, where visitors can receive prompt assistance. According to service standards in the single-brand Samsung Service Plaza, 80% of repairs are made within one hour, in the presence of the owner of the equipment.