“In stores of a new format, visitors are surrounded by the Samsung ecosystem, which involves them in a close acquaintance with the product, and also makes them comfortable to stay and shop. Excellent service and expert advice strengthen brand loyalty, and additional lounge areas allow you to comfortably test the devices you are interested in – the whole range of smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, home cinema, TVs, audio equipment, as well as a wide selection of various accessories, ”said the head Samsung Mobile in Russia Dmitry Gostev.When decorating the internal space of company stores, various textures and materials are used – wood, stone, metal – which contributes to the visual zoning of the premises. Designers paid special attention to the processing of materials – polished marble is complemented by tactile concrete slabs. The interior of the shops is made in muted colors using a warm shade of gray colors (warm gray). Rounded edges and rectangular shapes of furniture refer to the sleek design of Samsung mobile devices. In the complex, all this creates a unique and at the same time comfortable atmosphere, which offers an attentive study of the capabilities of Samsung equipment, inviting you to spend more time in the company store and set it up for shopping.