Remote access is a technology that can make life easier for many users. It happens that the device that is required right here and now is far from you. Going to the other end of the city to see the necessary information is not necessary. It is enough to use the services of utilities that allow you to control any gadget remotely. Even the operating system has a built-in program that will help you. In today’s article, we will talk about software that is designed to remotely connect to devices.Probably the most popular program that everyone has heard of. Today, the software supports almost all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on. On the official website, you can download two types of utilities: the classic installer or the portable version. TeamViewer in its basic configuration is completely free, although it has some minor restrictions, but for the average user this functionality will be enough. There is a corporate version for organizations.The program is as simple as five fingers. After installing the utility, your device is assigned a unique ID and password. On another device, just enter this data and you will get full access. Moreover, the device type does not have to be the same. You can control your computer from a tablet or phone. Using simple finger movements (for example, double-tapping the touch screen), certain actions on the PC are simulated. A complete list of movements can be found in the help in the application installed on the portable device. If the PC is in front of you and someone remotely controls it, then you will see all the actions that are performed. It is possible to remotely transfer files without connecting to a device (highly dependent on the speed of the Internet connection). You can also configure uncontrolled access so that you do not enter an identification number and password each time. Just set a regular password and the device appears in the contact list. You can connect to it at any time, the main thing is that the program is launched. The software also has other useful features: video calls, screen display, chat, backup and much more. In general, a must have for everyone.