Construction simulation last survivor, adapt to the survival game environment!

Normally, I like the SLG genre, which can steadily develop my own space. That’s why everyone feels a bit bored by similar fun. At this time, a new SLG survival game called ‘Last Survivor’ was announced and it was interested.

Because I had a setting to survive in a mutant virus that I had never experienced before. For some reason, it seemed like the fun to grow while struggling in a harsh and fierce environment !! I also got a chance to participate in the closed test again, so I’m going to enjoy it a little early and leave a review. Last Survivor’s first impression was the ‘wasteland’ itself.

Indeed, it was the will to survive somehow in a world that had become a catastrophe due to a mutant virus. Users must become one commander, build various buildings here, and develop survival areas. In the process, the attack of those infected with the mutant virus should be prevented, and the battle with another survivor will be inevitable. Definitely starting the fun of SLG in a new environment, it was true that it was much more immersive.

The unique part was that when building, you had to connect all the roads. When building various buildings such as farmland, food warehouse, concentration camp, military camp, emergency tent, and private house Since all roads must be connected, the proper placement of the structure also reveals a strategic element !! In this process, you can feel the unique fun factor of construction simulation. Therefore, in order to use the space as much as possible, it is recommended to properly grasp the size and utilization of each building and then build it.

And another unique part is the population system. In order to develop the city, we needed an adequate population. The population can be increased by building and upgrading private houses. After that, they had to deliver enough water and food from the food ration so they didn’t starve. I think this setting is suitable for survival games that are directly related to survival.

At first, I expressed it as a wasteland, but now doesn’t it feel like a place where people live? In the process of steadily developing the building and creating a safe base, I felt a lot of sense of achievement in my own way. When construction is pressed, traffic such as roads and garages and resources such as food, drinking water, fuel, It was classified into detailed fields by military, federation, and other items such as heroes.

If you start at first, you may be confused about what to develop from now on, Thanks to the step-by-step guide to the refuge from the bottom left I was able to learn along the way. Currently, I am growing rapidly while researching science and technology. If I opened it later, I was excited about the thought that competition would be fierce.

If you leave the base and go to the world, you and other users (because it’s not a closed test right now) You will face enemies infected with the mutant virus. There were some zombies with pretty scary visuals. Since it drops a variety of rewards with a certain probability, it seems that you can take care of the fun of farming later. At least it’s better to deal with zombies around my base frequently?

In order to fight, you must first form a unit. For example, you can train asylum seekers in an infantry training center, followed by troop formation in a barracks. Initially, many troops cannot be organized, but as more and more soldiers are built and upgraded, That more teams can be unlocked. As power gradually increases, can you stretch out to the world?

Various heroes also stand out. I haven’t collected heroes yet, As it seems to help the progress, I feel like I’ve earned 10 million horses each time I get one hero later. Since each hero has its own skill, it seems to be really helpful for development. Personally, the hero I’ve seen now is Selina, but I’m glad she was in the shape of a charismatic general. If you are going to open it, I definitely want to get Selina and fight proudly against the zombies.

It was definitely fresh and fresh. As a private test, it was fun even if I enjoyed myself. After the official launch, I was thinking about living with a lot of users, so I was already excited. hehe I think it is only necessary to participate in advance reservations so as not to miss the start. Since we can get 300 gold and grow quickly from the beginning, we recommend that everyone participate simply.

And there are events that you might like. Airpot Pro !! (I want to have it !!), Starbucks Americano !!, Mobile Cultural Gift Certificates ~ Just by certifying to the official cafe by sharing the advance reservation news, The fact that you can look forward to the above gift. In the case of mobile condolences, as many as 40 people are presented, To some extent, they participated with strange expectations.

In the case of the pre-reservation achievement event, we achieved the target of 150,000 people at a very high speed. Thanks to that, 300 gold, 5 hour acceleration, 150,000 fuel, 150,000 food, 3 advanced summons, You can start by getting up to 15,000 bills ~ It has already become very strong. 🙂 I think some of them will be my competitors, so I think it’s going to be a bit spoiled.

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