And again, we decided to tell you about the next Xiaomi product at an affordable price – the Mijia Internet 4 dishwasher. Moreover, this is not an ordinary, built-in, but a desktop dishwasher that can easily be placed anywhere. Well, in almost anything – for her work, water and electricity are still needed. A special adapter is included in the scope of delivery, which allows you to connect the machine to different types of mixers. Xiaomi Mijia Internet 4 is designed to simultaneously wash up to 32 items. The dishes inside are washed from above and below through 16 holes. The jets are constantly changing direction, so there are no “dead zones” in the machine where the dishes are not washed. The water pressure is 11000 Pa, so that the machine copes even with severe pollution. Mijia Internet 4 supports high temperature sterilization at 75 ° C, which kills 99.99% of bacteria. A built-in fan is also provided for drying the washed dishes.