It is argued that the novelty is connected without drivers and additional actions, allowing you to play high-quality sound. Also declared compatibility with PC and Mac. An external amplifier produces 24-bit sound, supports 7.1 virtual surround mode and is able to “swing” studio-grade headphones with a resistance of up to 300 Ohms. The company claims that users will get a much better sound than they can give out ordinary sound cards from computers or consoles. The Sound Blaster G3 also features the GameVoice Mix feature, designed to adjust the sound from the game and voice chat individually. Other features include an equalizer with built-in profiles for popular games, including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Overwatch. For control, the mobile application Sound Blaster Command is used, which works via Bluetooth on iOS and Android. There is a similar application for PC and Mac. In both cases, it gives full control over the device. A USB-C port is used to connect the Sound Blaster G3, and there is a USB-A connector on board.