External SSD Fast speed up to 1050MB

A portable external SSD that is easy to move and carry and has a high transfer rate is essential for those who usually have a photograph as a hobby, a single creator, a person who shoots video, and who travels domestically or abroad to carry many materials. It is one of the belongings that I must carry with me when I go out, because I also work to take pictures and videos from the outside.

In particular, unlike the past, the speed of transmitting data quickly, even with large data, has become very important because of the large amount of data, including photos and videos. In this regard, the Micron Crucial X8 (500GB) is a recommended external SSD, which is the best choice for those who care about speed.

You can expand the storage space of Android devices, iPad Pro and console boxes PS4 and XBOX by supporting backup of all large photos, documents, and videos that live the main features of Micron Crucial X8 Portable SSD. In particular, it supports speeds of up to 1050MB / s, which is up to 1.8 times faster than other portable SSDs, and is approximately 7.5 times faster than portable HDDs for efficiency.

Micron is a world-class semiconductor manufacturing company, and has been well received by users for its excellent quality based on strict quality control and innovative technology development. You can also see an innovative look in the design of a product with a lively style.

We completed the design of an all-in-one case using anodized aluminum. The sleek and smooth appearance is satisfactory for the grip and feel of the hand. Its small size makes it easy to move or carry, and it also efficiently dissipates heat generated from technical aspects to extract the best performance.

This product, which Micron introduced for the first time in Korea as an external SSD, is a really hot new product launched on December 17, 2019. As such, it is equipped with the latest technology, NVMe PCIe. It is designed to provide maximum speed by connecting to USB 3.2 Gen2. In fact, NVMe PCIe has the advantage of high reliability and fast speed, but its high cost makes it possible to provide speeds that have never been seen before.

It is about 1.8 times faster than a portable SSD, which is said to be currently fast, based on the read speed of the product’s specification of up to 1050MB / s, and about 7.5 times faster than a typical HDD, and about 100 times faster than a USB-type flash drive. There is. Thanks to this, you can quickly access a variety of materials, including photos, videos, and offline anytime, anywhere.

In particular, because it uses a digital memory rather than a mechanical motor type, it can maintain high durability because it generates little wear or generates little heat, and because it is equipped with various state-keeping technologies including TRIM, it has the same performance as the first time even if it is used for a long time. It has the advantage of keeping it steady.

Let’s see how much speed you can get by connecting to the laptop you are actually using. For the test, I used a benchmarking program that many of you are familiar with. On my laptop, as you can see, it showed a very fast speed approaching the maximum reading speed of 1050MB / s. (However, differences may occur depending on the computer or laptop used and the environment.)

Particularly satisfactory was that it was compatible with various devices, from desktops to laptops to smartphones as well as consoles. This is because storage capacity can be easily expanded by connecting to various devices such as Windows, Mac, iPad Pro, and Android through USB-C Gen2 or USB-A gender included in the package.

First of all, you can easily add additional capacity quickly without having to format the storage on your desktop, laptop, or Mac. If you are using iPad Pro, you can curate or edit and export multi-stream videos without connecting to a computer or the Internet, and editing software such as LumaFusion is also compatible.

And it can be used as an external storage device by connecting to a smartphone. In particular, those who enjoy movies or Netflix can watch high-definition videos without using data, and use Adobe Photoshop Express software on Android.

In addition, if you are playing games at home, you might have a console like PS4 or XBOX One. You can also connect to a device like this, so you can use it faster than before.

For more convenient maintenance and management, we support dedicated software and Windows / Mac backup. It provides a crucial storage executive, a dedicated software to monitor the status of external SSDs, and supports various functions such as storing photos and videos perfectly.

From the user’s point of view, I can’t help thinking about not only the time of purchase but also the service after that. A / S also provides a 3-year limited warranty and free technical support for users to use it with confidence. And for a variety of platforms, you’ll be provided with everything you need, such as wireless to maximize operating instructions and drive performance, so you can trust and use it.

The Micron Crucial X8 (500GB) I’ve used so far has been a recommended product as an external SSD that enables efficient time management by reducing waiting time at a speed that has never been experienced before. It was a product that was able to maintain high speed, high durability, stability, and convenient maintenance, and was a useful product that was widely compatible with various devices such as consoles in addition to smartphones and iPad Pros. There are two versions of storage capacity, 500GB and 1TB, so you may choose according to your needs.

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