Wireless mechanical keyboard Logitech G913 review

If you like paperwork, video editing, and games, there are many people who want to buy a mechanical keyboard because they often use the keyboard. However, most of the products equipped with a mechanical switch have a problem that the wireless response speed is low, so most of them are wired products, and even if they can be used wirelessly, there are many products that do not have LEDs or have only basic functions to reduce battery consumption. So, in this posting, I would like to introduce a product that overcomes these problems. This is the Logitech G913 click key.

This product is a product that can be used by wire and can be used wirelessly at the same time. The USB-A To Micro5 pin terminal allows direct connection to a PC or laptop, and the keyboard and computer can also be connected wirelessly using the included receiver. Some of you may have noticed that you can connect with a 5-pin micro, but this product uses a built-in battery that can be charged and not used with AA or AAA batteries.

You can also choose one of two methods when connecting wirelessly. If you put a laptop on the cradle like me and use a separate keyboard, the distance between the receiver and the keyboard is close, so even if you connect it directly like this, it has little effect on performance.

If the distance between the main body of the computer and the keyboard, such as a PC, is far away, you can also use a USB connection to connect the receiver to the included adapter and place it near the keyboard. Because it uses a 2.4Ghz wireless connection, if there are many communication devices in the vicinity, the connection may be unstable and delay may occur. If you make the distance between the keyboard and the receiver narrow, you can prevent the problem to some extent.

The body is made of aluminum alloy, and is finished with a hairline and dark color to relieve a strong and cool feeling. The G logo, which symbolizes Logitech’s gaming line, comes with LEDs. In addition, all buttons have LEDs.

If you look at the back of the product, 6 non-slip pads are applied, and since the battery is not used, a separate cover is not visible. Therefore, there is no structure that can be carried by plugging in a wireless receiver, and this product is not portable because it weighs 1,025g in the first place. The built-in battery can be removed by peeling off the label in the center and loosening the two screw screws.

The stand consists of a 0-degree mode that can be used to lay flat on the floor, and a 4-degree and 8-degree angle that gives a slight slope. Both 4 and 8 degrees are finished with a non-slip rubber at the bottom of the stand, and there is no problem of shaking during typing considering the weight of the product.

The port that can be used to connect or charge the product with the micro 5 pin is located between the F12 key and the printer screen key. The battery can be used for 30 hours on a single charge, based on 100% LED brightness. If the LED is not used, it can be used for 100 hours, so it is recommended to adjust the brightness for battery management.

The battery can be charged in 3 hours by connecting it to a PC, and the battery status can be checked through the indicator on the F11 key in the upper right. This can be checked for 5 seconds when the connection method is pressed next to the method that is not always lit. There are two indicators that can be checked: CAPS LOCK and BATTERY, and the status of NUM LOCK and SCROLL LOCK cannot be checked.

The connection type button means a 2.4Ghz wireless connection or a Bluetooth connection. From left, it is 2.4Ghz Lightspeed wireless connection button, Bluetooth button, game mode switching, LED brightness adjustment button.

Lightspeed technology is one of Logitech’s proud wireless connection methods, which inevitably introduces delays, but thanks to this technology, the delay can be reduced to 1 ms. This is the same reporting rate as wired, and for this reason, more and more people are using wireless mechanical keyboards in the area of pro gamers where responsiveness is important.

In the case of a Bluetooth connection, if you press and hold the Bluetooth button for the first time, you will enter the pairing mode, and if you search for Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, you will immediately search for the keyboard and connect. If you work in a company with strong security that cannot use KakaoTalk for PC, you can use this feature particularly useful. This is because you can place a smartphone on the cradle and send messages using this keyboard.

On the left side of the Logitech G913 click key, there are 5 customizable buttons, and on the top there are 3 buttons to change the mode of the custom button. Therefore, a total of 15 custom buttons can be used. This custom function is convenient to use to execute a specific program or to execute a stored macro.

These custom settings can be changed in Logitech Gaming Software G HUB, and the details can be longer, so we’ll cover them in more detail in the next post.

At the top right of the product, there are 4 buttons to control the volume and scroll to adjust the volume. The volume adjustment scroll works very smoothly, and is a very often used button along with the mute button. If you use a product that does not have a keyboard with this key, you will feel a great inconvenience.

The Logitech G913 has a choice of three mechanical switches. This product is GL Clicky, the most popular type among them, and it has similar characteristics to the common axis we commonly know. There is some noise when typing, which makes it somewhat unsuitable for use in public places. It’s the way.

Watch the video above to see what it sounds like when you hit it. Since one hand is holding the camera, it is a video typed with only one hand. In fact, if you type quickly with both hands, twice as many sounds will be entered at the same time, so you can predict the sound.

It is a wireless mechanical keyboard with LED, and it is convenient because it can check the battery from the keyboard itself, not separate software. Of course, the Logitech G brand is installed and the G913 is a top-grade product, as can be seen from the number, so it is a product with a reporting rate of 1 ms. For this reason, it was selected as the # 1 wireless gaming keyboard 2020 by PC GAMER, a British magazine for gamers. We will look at this product in more detail in the next post, and let’s finish this post here.

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