New Stone Age World is nice to meet you.

Stone Age, which gave me so many memories when I was a kid. I started with the recommendation of a school friend, and in the background of the Stone Age, The fun of fighting was very fresh and fun. I think there are many people who still miss Stone Age, This time, when I heard that the Stone Age World was opening with the new, I started to flutter again.

New MMORPG ~ Before looking into the pre-registration, let’s take a look at it in advance. First of all, the above video repeats the melody of “Stone Stones”, and even if you listen once, you will fall into a very addictive way. In the Stone Age scene, I’m decorating the song with a hot hip-hop style (?) This is also a new and fresh encounter. There are some things you are looking forward to in Stone Age World.

The part I’m most excited about is the unique sensibility. The ‘he’ sensibility that cannot be contained in a modern MMORPG !! When I also recall memories of the past, I miss a lot of emotions. However, if you look at the scenes in the released video, I am very happy that the emotions at that time seemed to melt well. I want to connect again with a pure heart, meet various dinosaurs, and re-experience the fun of immersing myself in battle.

Overall, you can see that the 3D graphic of casual charms made the life of the Stone Age. It is said that it captures the sensibility in the original work we were expecting, such as various pets appearing. Existing fans think that it is correct to pre-register unconditionally and wait for the official opening. It is said that you can collect and tame about 250 pets, but I am looking forward to seeing which friend you will meet in the first place.

I almost cried when I saw this scene. Even the battle we remember! I was very grateful for the battle as it was remembered, without the new interpretation. 🙂 Because it is a turn-based type that allows you to enjoy battles with cute graphics, Certainly, I would like to enjoy great popularity with differentiated sensibility from mobile games to be released these days. Free PvP is possible at any time, so it’s also fun to compete with your friends ! Let’s create the strongest team with your own battle formation.

There was one more interesting news. He said that the marriage system was prepared for the part outside the battle? In the Stone Age, you meet In-yeon and get married ?! Dinosaurs would like to congratulate you. And since the tribal system is also prepared, you can definitely miss the fun of communicating with other users. Whether you’re presenting flowers to your favorite trainer or having a fun barbecue party !! We can meet the fun of playing with friends in the past through this new work of Netmarble.

Pre-registration participation Go Go !! It is said that payment will be made to 1 million stones by participation. And if you participate in markets such as Google Store & App Store, Of course, 50,000 shellfish can be given as an additional gift. Since the pre-registration is complete, I want to take the shells and take a pet and go away.

Pets are hiding all over the field, so it seems like the fun of looking around will be great. If you meet the pet I’ve been looking for in the process, will it really make you feel like a pure child? You can check information on pet habitat on the pre-registration website now. You can meet various pets’ appearances and skills in advance on Sinus Island, Jaru Island, and Gaurin Island. If it is your favorite pet, it would be good to know the habitat.

Not only do cute pets have different charms, but they also show various features, including skill use. I am very excited about the fun of combining them to complete my own battle formation. A kinky system that deals damage to the enemy, or an Otutu system with the ability to release buffs, etc. I have already identified the habitats of the pets that I have decided to collect.

But if you can already secure these pets now !? You should participate in the event right away. The pet presentation event is going on. You can hatch the pet with 5 tickets, Among the hatched pets, one pet of your choice can be received as a gift after the official opening ~ If you missed the pre-registration, you would have also blown up this good opportunity.

In the case of me, Qatarcas appeared in the first place ~ Qatarcas with ‘squeaking’ skill !! Thanks to the developed sense of smell, it is said that the ability to detect an enemy’s attack in advance and take it to the defense posture is excellent. Qatarcas is also a pet that is so covetous ~ Personally, I’m looking for a rare pet, King Gor, so I’ll have to work hard to get tickets again tomorrow.

For reference, you said that if you subscribe to YouTube, you can receive 10 tickets? However, the more people who subscribed to YouTube, the richer the gifts offered to users were. At present, thanks to the fast number of more than 5,000, 50,000 stones have been secured. Afterwards, you can go all the way and capture 100% of small meat, a flower, 5,000 shellfish, and a pet. Don’t forget to subscribe to everyone so you can secure up to 10 trainers’ ropes.

Among the information of Stone Age World that has been summarized so far, what is the most awaited part of you? Is it a cute and charming variety of pets or is it a unique fun battle element? Personally, I am really looking forward to this part to see if I can feel the sensibility of the original PC.

And if there is a user who appeared in the King Gorge while participating in the pet event, please let us know in the comments. 🙂

Then everyone will open and meet !!

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