The fact is that infrared radiation, unlike the light that the human eye sees, is able to pass through certain materials. For example, night vision goggles and thermal imagers work on this principle. 

In many modern flagship smartphone models, you can find infrared sensors that can be used in a similar way. The Verge requested a comment from OnePlus regarding their new filter, but the manufacturer declined to discuss this topic.

Meanwhile, users of social networks continued to shine through black objects. So, one of them successfully discerned what was inside the induction cooker.

This camera effect can be found not only in OnePlus 8 Pro. The TrueDepth camera in the new iPhone models, equipped with an infrared sensor for the FaceID face scan function, can also be set to “X-ray vision”. True, as the developer Guillerme Rambo notes, the iPhone will have to be hacked for this, that is, jailbreak.