That’s LG Puriecare water purifier

I drink a lot of water I think I drink 3L a day. When I lived in my parents’ house before marriage, I bought bottled water, On weekdays, I have a lot of time at work Even if it was uncomfortable, I just lived When I got married, I signed a water purifier right away! That’s LG Puriecare water purifier~ I have been writing well for over 3 years without any major complaints.

Old How long has it been making a sound? He said that the person who manages the water purifier also sounds~ I wrote it for a long time and I want to replace it I looked around Where water purifiers provide cash

It’s the LG Purcare water purifier I used. I paid 31,900 won a month for the rental fee with a hot and cold water purifier. The mandatory period is 3 years.

As the LG logo is blurred, there are traces of time. From marriage to childbirth and parenting LG Furycare Water Purifier Hello~ Call the number you received at the local Mom Cafe It is said that you think that the cold and hot water purifier, rental fee is less than 30,000 won. Recommended for LG Furycare slim up-down water purifier.

The monthly rental fee is 29,900 won. As of June special price model 3 months (13, 25, 37 months) exemption They said that the cash support is 250,000 won. Before that, I was satisfied with the LG Furycare water purifier. I just signed up! The existing water purifier is in my name. This time I signed in the name of the groom.

He said that the number of the groom called Happy Call the next day. I applied for the termination and removal of the existing water purifier. I heard that there is a cost for demolition, The agent confirmed that the contract was the same address again. They were exempt from the 20,000 won for demolition. I only settled the costs I used by June 10th.

The installation engineer came. LG Furycare Slim Up Down Water Purifier installed, You have recovered the existing water purifier.

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