The Three Girls released their new album, “As Fast As You Can” in May last year, and held a live show in August to celebrate the album.

Their fifth album, “As Fast As You Can,” consists of five new lyrical songs, and last time they released a music video for their song “Soon You’re From Me.”

This time, they are also going to release a new music video for their song “As Fast As You Can”. The melody of the song was composed and produced by the state-approved singer D.Bold, and the lyrics were written by ZZ. The video was made by V studio.

The Three Girls also became the second artist to make a smartphone app.

The Three Girls Band app features all the songs from their albums, such as “True Love,” “HOT DISCO,” and “As Fast As You Can,” as well as the band’s introduction, photos, and new information.
Another piece of good news is that they will be releasing their new music video for “For the First Time” on the band’s app for the first time.

“Three Girls” became the second artist to make a smartphone app.

Starting next Friday, January 30, you can watch the new music video for “Three Girls” by “Hurdlakh Tusam” on your smartphone.

By the way, in the music video for the song, the singer of the band Anu has a rather cute image and is reportedly undisciplined. Of course, if you want to watch it, all you have to do is download and install the “Three girls” app on your smartphone.