-Hello? First of all, congratulations on welcoming a new family member. Introduce yourself to our readers in detail.

Uyanga: Hello, how are you? Thank you. Good day. My name is Uyanga Olzbayar. She graduated from Badmaarag High School in 2018. I like to dance and sing. An 18-year-old mother recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

S. Takuma: How are you? Congratulations on this day. My name is Sato Takuma. Citizen of Japan. Last year, Ireedui Complex graduated from the 86th school. I like to play football. A 19-year-old young father.

-Tell us the story of your first acquaintance.
Uyanga: We first met on Instagram, which people think is impossible. After two months of communication, they met for the first time on September 2, 2017. People will be surprised. But we’ve been dating since the day we first met. I think people who are supposed to meet, sooner or later, only when they meet.

Takuma is Japanese. Did you have any language problems when you started dating?

Takuma: I first came to Mongolia in 2015. In fact, I did not know the Mongolian language, culture or order. I made many friends and learned Mongolian to a certain extent. When we first met Uyanga, we sometimes had language problems and could not understand each other’s words. Now I understand each other very well and know almost everyone better than anyone

-We made a very funny vlog together and posted it on Youtube. Why did you first get the idea to do a vlog?

Takuma: It was originally initiated by Uyanga. When I first heard the melody, I found it very interesting. So, despite my inexperience and ignorance, I started posting on YouTube in June last year.

-Why did Takuma come to Mongolia?

Takuma: After graduating from ninth grade in Japan, I chose another school to study in high school. While I was wondering which school to go to after graduating from ninth grade, one day my mother suddenly asked, “What if I went to Mongolia?” suggested that. At that time I didn’t think of opening it, I just said “Yes”.

-What qualities do you think you are attracted to?

Uyanga: At first I was very interested in being a foreigner. But it is true that a woman gets used to it. If you get used to that person, will everything look good? (laughs)

Takuma: I’m fascinated by Uyanga’s honesty and openness. Very different from Japanese and Mongolian girls. I think to myself. I don’t seem to be able to express my thoughts.

-How difficult was it for you both to get used to the culture of different countries?

Uyanga: It’s been five months since I came to Japan. I think the first challenges when visiting a country are language, food and culture. I’m not sure I’m used to Japan now. Because Mongolia and Japan are very culturally different. So it will take time.

Takuma: I also agree with Uyanga. But now I’m used to Mongolia. I feel that Mongolia is more peaceful and free.

How did your parents react when they found out they were dating?

Uyanga: Both sides welcomed it.

-What do you like to do together in your free time?

Takuma: Since coming to Japan, I’ve been trying to travel together whenever I have free time.

-Please share your most memorable moments.

Takuma: When we were in Mongolia talking about how to tell our parents about our separation, it was very strange that both fear and excitement coincided. That time was vivid in my mind. In fact, it seems that a person can remember any time if he wants to.

-Everyone has a different opinion about having a child at such a young age. What is your position?

Uyanga: Personally, I thought there were more opportunities. I don’t think it’s right to make a living for young people, but I don’t think it’s okay if you have the will and patience to live responsibly. Sooner or later, a child is a huge world and a value that brings happiness.