Lineage 2M Chronicle III is coming

It seems to be a long time!! After a long time, I will write a line for Lineage 2M’s strategy~ I don’t have to go and stick with modifiers, I think everyone will admit that it is the best mobile MMORPG in world. However, since it was a popular game, there were some barriers to entry, so I was resting as a dormant user without breaking through the wall. Why did I decide to return this time? This is because they are now offering a reward that can be called the “historical class,” overlapping with various 200-day events and Chronicle III advance reservations.

When looking at the game rankings in the Google Store at all times, Lineage 2M was the No. 1 spot, so I still wanted to enjoy it while resting as a dormant user. However, thanks to the support of various events this time, I can finally return to the official game. As of now, it provides generous support for various benefits, so the procession of new & returning users continues. To join Lineage 2M, a popular mobile MMORPG game, it means timing is the best now!!

What news should we start with? Let’s take a look at the Chronicle III pre-booking information, which was released a while ago. From the media meeting held in April, there was a notice about this update. Finally, on the 24th of June, Arden is scheduled to be added as a new territory, and new servers such as Baum and a new class window (Spear) will appear, so much more fun will be updated.

The reason why Arden, a new territory, is attractive is because even if you are not necessarily the top ranker, it has been revealed that ordinary users can also enjoy the cool fun of fast level up. For example, some monsters that appear in the forest of the mirror have the power to self-replicate, but even if they hunt for the cloned monsters, they provide experience and rewards, so you can feel the taste of hunting.​

In addition, the swamp of flame will also appear as a hunting ground for the highest level, and it is said that the items of new legendary grades, such as the Dynasty City series, will be dropped here, so the users will never stop. Other than that, it is a cave of giants appearing as a new dungeon, or even a tower of arrogance that virtually everyone expects!! Personally, I think it will be much more fun when the Tower of Oman appears, but the process of fighting together for high-level rewards while competing among users seems to be exciting. From the top of Oman’s tower to the strongest boss Bium waiting, the news of this massive update was really hot.

I heard that there are a lot of users who are looking for a new class, the window, among new users. Certainly, I saw that this new class, window, appeared very attractive. In the meantime, there haven’t been any classes that go back and forth between single and wide area attacks, right? That’s why it’s filled with speculations about what power it will have and its infinite potential. At the time of the window, I would like to give a new headwind to various contents of Lineage 2M.

I also like it, you like it, and everyone’s favorite TJ coupon news is coming again. The equipment at the time that tried to strengthen to be stronger than anyone else, and gave the bitter taste of extinction!! Don’t miss the chance of TJ Coupons sold only from June 24th to July 8th, if you have any equipment with a rare level or higher that was destroyed by the reinforcement failure from November 27, 2019 to June 10, 2020, 5 AM. wish. During that period, you can purchase a TJ coupon for 624 adena, because you can restore the equipment that was destroyed. When the season of TJ Coupon is always on, the legendary equipment of users has been revived spontaneously, but this time, it seems that I am looking forward to this interesting news.

And it will be started from June 17th to server transfer tomorrow. This is not an opportunity to come every day, so if you are unhappy with your server or want to head to another server, take this opportunity. In my case, it is actually a rural server, so it has the advantage of being relatively quiet and relaxing. However, watching the videos of YouTubers, the fun of fiercely playing on a city server seemed quite exciting. So I thought it would be fun to move from the city server at this opportunity~ At the same time, I also have one close friend personally in the city server, so I think that I can settle right away!

Anyway, even if you just talk about the Chronicle III, it is full of historical news. So, it is highly recommended that you participate in it without missing any reservations. If you participate in the reservation before June 23rd, you will receive a box of successor’s equipment, ring IV of successor, coin of successor, and rare house soul of abundance. If you participate in the advance reservation, coupons will be issued immediately, but since it can be used after 24 days, it is recommended that you capture it separately. You can check the coupon number again later and send it by text, but it will be convenient if you capture it in advance.

From now on, let’s access the 200-day event to access Lineage 2M and receive various benefits. The first thing you need to do after you log in is go into the diamond shop and buy a 200-day commemorative box. It is a reward that can be purchased for only 200 adena, and it is also a reward that contains Leia’s Necklace II, 2 million adena, and even Lea’s order box. You can also get a bunch of orders, and Adena returns 10,000 times the purchase price; There is no way to express this thanks to Leah, who prepared the gift with great care.

For reference, in the case of Leah’s Necklace II for the 200th anniversary, you can also enter the item collection and register for the ‘200th Anniversary’ collection on the Event tab!! The effect is +1 MP recovery and +100 max HP, which seems to be perfect because it lasts permanently. Users who want to wear it should use Leah’s Necklace II and complete the permanent collection registration.

But Leah’s gift is still not over!! If you go to each village, you can find the figure of Leah. You can purchase a commemorative item from Leah for 200 adena, 2 secret chests every day, 3 Leah’s Grace Trusts every day, 10 successor elixirs every day, 10 successor supper every 10 days, and successor holy water every day. That you can purchase 10 pieces!! Since it is a chance to get all the items you need for free, we recommend that you keep them all.

You can also watch the event attendance at the festival, which is provided day by day. In Daily Care, if you tap the’Time of Festival’ tab, the festival’s summoning box to the festival’s enhancement order box will be given steadily, and each box will receive random rewards, such as the upper Agathion voucher (11 times) and the blessing weapon enhancement order. It contains them. You can log in every day and receive a box, so it seems like a really good event, and since you can register as a special collection after the 24th, you can enjoy the time of the festival.

And from the cost of teleport, to dungeon admission, donation of blood clots, only 200 Adena free passes are possible? In other words, it is virtually free of charge and can be used for exploring various areas in spite of being free ~ In particular, Einhasad’s Grace 300 is additionally provided to general blood donations, so you can pay more attention to level up. Thanks to the low cost of teleports now, I’m also doing a little more research to find the right hunting ground for me. This is because if you find a hunting ground that will run steadily while referring to the user’s strategy, you can get a steady reward with much higher efficiency.

To introduce one more thing, there is an event that asks 1+1 and go to double! It was a very interesting event, and users can choose the type of event they would like to participate in once more!! If you write down the reason, such as a field boss summoning event, a story tip video event, etc., it is said that all participants will be rewarded with 10 holy objects of grace. And 20 more lotteries, 5 million adena, 50 enchanted parchment (carved seals), and 5 island island charge seats will also be presented. want.

In line with the 200-day title, I was able to meet a really high-level reward. I think it’s good that the process of participating in the event can be enjoyed by non-rankers as well. So even on my return, I was able to enjoy the game without barriers to entry. By the way, being a person again, how wonderful an event will you prepare for the next 300 days or the 1st anniversary? Anyway, it seems that new & returning users will definitely increase. The fact that long-lived mobile MMORPG has a reason.

So, let’s put together some simple information that new users may not know well. When looking at MP recovery, there will be just’recovery’ and’absolute recovery’. Some people are confused about the difference between the two, but in the case of recovery, it may not proceed depending on the weight of the bag. However, the difference is that the absolute recovery is recovered regardless of the weapon of the bag. It sounds like a simple part, but the fact that you don’t know well and can inadvertently make a character die by doing nothing.

And when organizing your collection, it’s a good idea to think in advance about which route to go to. There may be differences depending on the occupation, etc., but it is better to proceed with damage priority in the beginning. First, even if you hunt one monster faster, the difference in leveling speed increases. From the middle and above, hitting becomes really important, but from that point on, you can fill it with a focus. I’ve looked at these simple tips once, but I’ll let you know when new information comes again next time! Thank you.

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