Interview with singer T.Amina.

-First of all, on behalf of our readers, congratulations on this day.

-Thank you. Congratulations to our steel workers on this day.

-Amina seems to be a very busy person, it’s been a long time to find her. Are you always so busy?

-Actually, my schedule is like this because I work while studying. Now I am very busy trying to finish school. Besides, I also take part in events here and there. I have very little time.

-Are you graduating from the University of Arts and Sciences?

-Yes, a graduate student of the School of Music and Performing Arts, University of Music and Performing Arts. In addition, I have been working at the Ulaanbaatar Central Passenger Service Station for the fifth year and I am a railway worker. This year has been very busy for the New Year. Then I started my diploma work the following year. Anyway, I successfully defended my diploma and got the highest score and was ranked first.

In March, I had an internship at the Bayan Mongol Ensemble of the State Philharmonic. Together with the musicians of the “Bayan Mongol” ensemble, they performed as a class. He will take the state exam on May 11. There will be six professional vocal exams. I am preparing for the exam. At the same time, going to the countryside is not a big job. I work as a consultant at the station. This is also a responsible job, so I have taken my annual vacation and continued my vacation.

-Tell our readers about the latest art newspaper?

-I’m working on releasing my album within this year. From the beginning, our works are coming out. We are working with professional artists, poets and composers on the album. The last song he sang was “I love you.” Now we are shooting the video.

-As a singer, of course, your main goal was to become a singer. Why did you become a railway worker on the way?

-(Laughs) In general, the family was affected. My grandfather Gombodorj was an “Honorary Railroader” who worked on the railway all his life. My father worked on the railroad when he was young. Secondly, our railway workers probably know that there is a live band called “Jiguur” at our Central Passenger Service Station. He sang hit songs that touched the hearts of many people. The lead singer of this band. That’s how I became a railway worker.

-You are now a professional singer. So you understand that you are going to pursue your artistic path?

-Yes. Of course. This is my chosen profession. But people know I’m a railroader. While working, many people wonder, “Hey, Amina is sitting,” “The girl who sings is sitting,” and so on. In general, there are hard work, responsibilities and social participation. I had just finished tenth grade and had been working since I was a student. The railway organization is a very responsible, paramilitary organization that requires a high level of responsibility, discipline and discipline from individuals. In addition to keeping time, it requires teamwork, the ability to handle workload, and perseverance.

I think all of this, in turn, has had a big impact on my ability to study, work, and cope. For example, I go to work at five o’clock in the morning. He arrived at work by 5.30. We will leave for class at 14.00 in the afternoon. After school, I will sing live in two or three places in the evening. I’ve only had this schedule for four or five years. During the summer holidays, when students go to the countryside to rest, I just do my job.

For example, if you want to take a vacation and take a break now, you can start school. Holidays and free time are very scarce. But I have learned to manage my time and work. In addition, learned the value of labor and money. In general, I think that hard work helps a person to grow and develop. The railway is a very big family. I am very proud to be a member of this big family.

-Do you think that your participation in the “Universe best songs” contest has opened you up to the public?

-I’ve heard it since I was a child. I sang from the second grade until the end of the tenth grade. During these seven years, I have traveled to 21 aimags and more than 120 soums to perform solo. People know that in the sense that they sang as children. As a student and working alongside him, I didn’t have much time to create my own art. During her training course, she participated in and won the national competition of Russian singers. When I was a freshman, I participated in the “Universe best songs” contest. I was excited to take part in this competition with my classmates. In general, it seems that competition develops a person, has a great impact on self-discovery and self-esteem.

-As an artist, how much do you pay attention to your beauty?

-The most important thing is to be healthy. I care about my health. After that, there will be work and beauty issues. I understand that being healthy is beauty in itself. In order to be perfect, one has to spend time on beauty. For me, I don’t wear regular makeup, do my hair, or put on a face mask. As a young person, you can use simple skin care methods at home, such as washing with milk, splashing with fermented milk, and wiping with ice. I don’t apply a lot of makeup. For now, it’s happening. There is an age requirement, you know. At that time it was different. Well, it’s better not to cooperate with professionals when necessary. I don’t paint much every day. I just paint my eyes. Actually, I am a natural person.

-A free time is a hobby?

-Hobbies are listening to music, singing and dancing. I also like reading books. Although I have little free time, I try to spend time on what I need. It’s like developing yourself in dance. Occasionally I would run to the gym and work up a sweat. People need movement. Not in the sense of losing weight. In fact, being skinny is not a good thing. I go to the gym in the sense that I need exercise to stay healthy. I’m not afraid of obesity. There is no regime. You can eat the food you want and your favorite dessert whenever you want. The most important thing is to be mobile, so you don’t have to worry about that.

-Is there any other artist in your family?

-No. My grandfather was a volunteer artist who sang and danced when he was young. My mother also sang when she was a child. At first my family didn’t support me to become a singer, you know. Children just sing. Then they said they would stop. As a kid, I used to dream of becoming a doctor. So when I became a professional student as a singer, I accepted it over time. It was as if the mother had been told to support her child. I am proud of my family, who can stand by me wherever I go and wherever I am. By the way, I love all of you who support me at all times.

-As a railway worker, do you have any plans to create a work on the railway theme?

“Of course.” Our hearts are already connected. Railways are understood as one family, one community, one unit. As a child of this family, I plan to make a song praising the railway and the steel road. And it has already started. It will soon reach the people and the audience. Wherever we go, our railway staff, railway station staff, “Jiguur” band, our chairman A.Ganbaatar support and understand us a lot. In general, our railway workers are very art-loving and talented people.