“Single Ladies 2” opened last weekend. Actors G.Undarmaa and A.Tuya, actor O.Dulguun and actor M.Bayarmagnai from “Mask” production played the main roles in the film. Also, writer A.Mieegombo, actor and director G.Undarmaa worked as a director and producer. Interview with O.Dulguun, an actor of the State Academic Drama Theater.

-Congratulations on the successful premiere of “Single Ladies 2”. How is it different from the previous class?

-Thank you. Our film crew has been experimenting since the first grade and tried to build on their previous success. How the three women first met is an interesting way for our second grade to show off the front of their first grade. The film features comedy, horror, lyricism, adventure and action.

-Why did you decide to star in this movie in the first place?

-My sister G.Undarmaa first proposed. The film tells the story of three girls in their 20s, 30s and 40s. He called me and said, “You’re the one who’s going to play the 20-year-old woman. You must come in. ” I agreed because G.Undarmaa had previously worked with the actress in a movie. It’s nice to work together because they are so supportive. I played a 20-year-old woman in this movie. She portrayed a bright, smiling, and confident girl.

“I remember you saying you wanted to play Juliet.” Your dream will come true soon. How do you feel?

It’s nice to think that in 19 years she will be the third Juliet in Mongolia. Before I entered the University of Arts and Sciences, I saw a graduate exam his dissertation. At that time, the play “Romeo and Juliet” was staged. Then I entered the University of Arts and Sciences because I wanted to play the role of Juliet. My dream seems to be coming true. One goes up the ladder to achieve one’s dream. I guess I got my dream right from the start. In order to achieve my dream, I set a goal and get closer step by step.

-Of course, if the first step is right, we will move towards something big in the future. Why did you leave the Dream Theater?

“Of course.” When I was a third-year student, I was offered a place at the Dream Theater. When I was a student, I was very grateful to my brothers who did not reject me and put me on stage. The decision to join the National Drama Theater was made with the intention of striving for classical art. I told this decision to the band. The Dream Theater supported my proposal. Because they supported me, I will pass the exam at the National University of Science and Technology and pass my dream.

-Before joining the National Drama Theater, the movie “Occurrence” was called “Romeo and Juliet”?

-I think “Occurrence” is a modern “Romeo and Juliet”. Life has become a work of art about human relationships. In the movie, she played the role of a girl named Namuun. It was great to work with the guys from Aurora.

-When did Dolguun graduate? How did you first become famous?

-Graduated from the acting department of the University of Arts and Sciences in 2012. He was first known for his role as Zoloo in the 80-episode National Television’s “Welcome to Life.” He is very happy for his film crew. By acting in this film, I connected my destiny with the “Dream Theater”.

-The first characters are difficult for the actors. But what about you?

-I love all the roles because my sweat is absorbed in all my art. Her first role was in the seventh grade in the horror movie “Wall”.

My first stage production was Dream Theater’s My Secret Boy. I was a student when I acted in the play. It wasn’t easy to get on the big stage for the first time and play with professional actors. When a lot of spectators look at me, it’s a strange feeling of embarrassment. People just wanted to see good things, so I tried, even though I was nervous. I went on stage without a microphone, didn’t know what was going on, and ended the first opening performance. There was a lot of encouragement after the game, but there were a lot of critics. All of these reviews were for me, so they were a lesson for my future characters.

-After becoming known to people, I think I will start to recharge myself even when I walk on the streets. How much do you care about your own behavior?

-People often talk differently if they don’t behave properly because they are always in the public eye. So you have to be nice everywhere.

-How active are you in the online world?

-I am active in the online world such as Facebook and Instagram. It has become an integral part of everyone’s life, including mine. Plus, it seems to be related to my profession. Get closer to people. Many people ask me questions. He responds on Facebook because he can’t meet everyone.

-Would you like to introduce your husband and son to your readers?

-My husband is a young man named Ochirpurev, who is a foreign relations manager. He is currently self-employed. Although I’m not an artist, I’m glad that he understands and supports me very well. I want to thank my husband for understanding me, who works around the clock.

My son’s name is Iveelt-Od. As for the name, I thought that the letter O of Ochirpurev and the letter D of Dolguun would be combined to give a name to Od anyway. So we talked and named it Iveelt-Od.

-How did you first meet your husband?

-My husband used to work as a foreign relations manager at Next electronics. When I was the face of Next Electronics and I had a contract, a guy was always looking at me. I met him at that time.

-I think it will be interesting for girls. Tell us your height, weight and body proportions. Girls pay more attention to their bodies, don’t they?

-I weigh 49 kg and am 163 cm tall. Later I saw that my buttocks were 90 cm in circumference.

-What do you think is the difference between stage and screen art?

-If you make a mistake during the filming, you can take another picture. However, you are not allowed to make mistakes if you present your work to the audience on stage. If you make a mistake, you can’t repeat it, so it requires more skill from the actors. But that doesn’t mean that the screenplay is good for a bad stage. When on stage, an actor uses all his talents to bring the character to life. So I think more talented artists perform on stage. Non-professional actors don’t act on stage.

-As a young person, what do you think your peers should be like?

-I wish I was busy when I was young. When you are busy, you seem to achieve a lot. For me, it seems like I can’t do everything, but I’ve done a lot to keep running. So keep busy while you are very energetic. Looking back, you need to spend your youth without regrets.

-Did you enter the National Drama Theater and act in another play?

-Sister Khulan in N.Gankhuyag’s play “Lullaby”

participated in the playing section.

He also played this role in a brigade in the countryside. Romeo and Juliet is set to open in early November. Preparations are underway.