Wine-producing countries are divided into two categories.

-Countries of the Old World
New world countries
Italy, France, Germany and Spain are the countries of the old world or wine sharks. These countries have a settled culture and agriculture, so land is very expensive. In search of new lands, they migrated to Australia, the United States, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa to grow grapes and expand their wine production.

The wine cork is made of the bark of a tree that grows along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Recently, reversible aluminum plugs have become popular for their environmental friendliness.
Some 2,000 years ago, wine was considered a symbol of God. Today it is a daily beverage. The norm for a woman to drink wine is 150-200 ml per day. If you drink, then you should drink more than twice the amount of Sparkling water (carbonated or plain water). Otherwise, you may have a headache the next day. Do not drink large amounts at once, drink with ice, or drink with drinks. Drinking a glass of wine for lunch or dinner has the advantage of breaking down meat fats.

There is almost no concept of wine as good or bad, and it is important to find the taste you like. In our opinion, just as airag and aaruul are different depending on the region, each wine has a different taste. Some people like Gobi brown curd, others like Khangai non-fat curd.

France is the world’s largest wine producer, with three out of five people working in the wine industry. Most varieties of grapes are grown in the Bordeaux and Burgundy regions. Ancient French grain fields and castles still retain the traditional technology of growing grapes and making wine for decades.

Just as we ride horses and drink milk tea, the French have learned to drink wine since childhood. Note: There are many varieties of grapes not mentioned above (Pino Noir, Malbec, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Petit Verdot, Pinotage), etc. To make it clearer to you, we have selected the most popular wines. When I attend the training again, I will write the varieties I did not write.