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Mika, who lives in Tokyo, Japan, was the first guest of the corner. We live our own stories. Isn’t that beautiful?
Introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Mika, I’m 25 years old. He is studying Systems Engineering in Tokyo, Japan. They work part-time to cover tuition and living expenses.
How do Japanese cultures, customs, and lifestyles affect the rhythm of life? What are the new habits you are learning from them?
There is so much to learn from the Japanese. In particular, I learned to be patient and tough. Everyone is different, but with patience and perseverance, step by step, you can build on that knowledge and skills. One of the most important things I learned from them was that if I memorized only three kanji a day, I would be able to read and write a lot. I want to try harder to feel the results.

What are the highlights of the life lessons you have learned here?
There are so many things to learn from life. In many job and school admissions interviews, I have learned to focus on developing my skills and differentiating myself in a very competitive society. At one point, I was interviewed for a face-to-face interview without consulting anyone or researching information on the Internet. I thought it would help me see myself more realistically. As far as I can remember, that job interview was a very valuable experience for me and a stepping stone for me to introduce myself more clearly in the next job interviews and to make my purpose clear to others. Even when scolded, there are times when I stop and think, “Oh, that’s right.” I’m trying harder than ever because I know from many things that the most important thing is to develop myself without wasting time.

You live in a busy life, studying, working, and preparing for big exams. How do you get the energy and inspiration for life at this time, and how do you prepare for the next few days?
It’s really busy. That’s why I try to make the most of my free time by doing my homework on the subway and rehearsing my listening lessons while cleaning my face. There were times when I was reprimanded for not spending time playing. But when I take advantage of my busy schedule, I am grateful for every time I tried and was self-deprecating.

No matter how hard you try, there will be many failures. This can lead to frustration and discouragement. That’s when you do what you love, relax, and start again. I walk in a quiet place for coffee, look at the ground, take beautiful pictures, and try to forget my problems and workload. I like to watch movies, so I improve my language and develop my hobbies. “Weekend Mail” is also a weekly “alarm clock.” When you sit down and say you can’t do it, you read the post, you gain strength, and you enjoy it. But now I am trying to make my life more adventurous by reading N.Khulan’s book “A Remember to Year”. Please share your most memorable moments and events?
I had just arrived here. However, it was time to pay for the next semester, and when I paid all the money I had saved, I was left with only a few coins. It wasn’t hard at the time to run out of money, but I knew I had to work harder. “We need to not just look ahead and focus on the present, we need to plan for the future and not stumble in the face of the good and the bad. I’m really happy and inspired now.