When you hear that name, do you think of pouty lips, mottled eyes, and a cute Asian face?
Today, bloggers and Instagram celebrities with millions of followers are undoubtedly the most influential in the fierce competition in the beauty industry. But with the launch of the YouTube platform and the disappearance of Facebook and Instagram, in 2007 it was unthinkable that a girl who loves to record an ordinary video would not only be paid for it, but would also work with world-famous brands. At the same time, Vietnamese-born Michelle Phan began the era of make-up vloggers by boldly posting makeup tips on social media.

The story of Michelle becoming a vlogger is very interesting. Michelle, who has been working in a nail salon since immigrating to the United States, persuaded her daughter to become a doctor at an early age, wanting her to be better educated and richer than she was, but Michelle, who grew up in a beauty magazine and colorful paint, graduated from high school. Inspired by her dreams, she decided to become an artist, not a doctor, and enrolled at the Ringling School of Design and Art in Florida. According to an interview, the school’s gift of a laptop to each new student allowed Michelle to connect to the Internet 24 hours a day, opening her eyes.

Michelle, who couldn’t raise enough money to pay for her next semester after her first semester, was forced to drop out of school to work part-time as a waitress and began recording her first makeup tips on her school computer. “How to do natural makeup?” The first video, which received 40,000 views as soon as it was released, shocked him. By the beginning of 2008, her channel had more than 600,000 views a month. She joined the YouTube Partnership Program to make money on her video channel, and since then she has made her channel more than just a teenage girl’s hobby. . Michelle, who spends all of her time recording two videos a week, set foot in the world of the beauty business in 2013, launching the first Ipsy site for companies that send monthly beauty boxes to pre-ordered customers. In 2015, the total value of Ipsy reached $ 500 million.

In 2014, she published a book called Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Online and Off, which educates women about beauty, clothing, and success, and immediately became a New York Times bestseller.

In 2013, they partnered with Michelle Loreal to become the face of their EM makeup brand for teenage girls, but the brand soon closed due to the introduction of overpriced products. Along with the collapse of her business, Michelle also faced many mental health problems, announcing that she would not be re-posting to the channel that had the highest following at the time, and cut off communication on social media for a while. The new post is still unpublished.
So far, his channel with 385 recordings has been followed by 8.9 million people, with a total of 1.1 billion views.

After returning to the online world in late 2016, he bought all the shares of Em cosmetics from Loreal and reopened the brand on his own in April 2017. Currently, he has only two products: lipstick and eye contour with a very compact texture. has been very successfully introduced to the market. Many bloggers, including Nikkie de Jager, Jeffree star and Zoe Sugg, have gained even more followers since she broke up with YouTube, but her market capitalization is still at least $ 50 million, a sign of how much her fans love her. .
Hailing from a poor immigrant family with nothing but dreams, the teenage girl not only built her own business by working hard for 10 years, but also became stronger as a person and came to know herself in the true sense of the word. I wanted to be at the top of this list.