The happiest moments of a person’s life are spent in a warm family atmosphere. This warm environment is the real power of the housewife, the “empire” she has built. But home decor is a symbol of the power of the “empire” we have built, so we women take it very seriously. Few would argue that only a woman who has made her home comfortable and comfortable can live in it. That’s why we love decorations that have the same power to build our empire as much as our own jewelry.

It is impossible for us to create an environment for a good life without any imagination. To help make your vision a reality, this weekend, the 220k Residence, a high-class country built in the heart of Ulaanbaatar’s heart and cultural center, follows British standards designed by French architects to introduce the most valuable living environment in Ulaanbaatar. We are pleased to inform you that the apartment is going to be organized.

When you come to this exhibition, you will be able to see hair-free carpets, reflective mirrors, glass and metal tables, elegant vases, crystal collections, unique national handicrafts and felt handicrafts, as well as new and unique luxury products made in Mongolia. Curtains, tulle, European and Asian luxury furniture, scented candles, home decor and decorations will make your holiday a wonderful one.