Of the hundreds of burdens that every mother and housewife carries on her back, the one that irritates me the most is the clutter and clutter in the home. After a day of cleaning, washing, and tidying up, I was the last of my family to go to bed. I feel like those days are recent.

It’s nice to live in a tidy, clean house, but it’s hard to see that you spend 1-2 hours a day tidying up your house, and at the end of the week it’s the same as before. As I wondered how to reduce the amount of time I had to work from home, I read The New York Times’ # 1 bestselling book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. . If you’re in the same predicament as I am, I can assure you that Miss Kondo’s book will definitely help you get out of this vicious circle.
This book has helped me not only to reduce the time-consuming chores that will never end, but also to learn to enjoy my home, to be proud of it, and to enjoy everything around me.

But when I heard that my favorite book had been released as a reality show on Netflix, I finished watching all the episodes on the spot as soon as the new year came, and on the eve of the new year, I was once again enthusiastic about the deal. After a lot of cleaning and a lot of rubbish two years ago, I tried not to get emotional every time I made a purchase, and I made a very thoughtful decision, so I’m really glad that the rubbish didn’t come out of my house this time. I dedicate this article to all the girls who have read Miss Kondo’s book, which offers a whole new way of changing their lives to millions of people around the world, or who are just rolling up their sleeves to start organizing after watching a reality show.
Before you lose the inspiration you get from books and shows about goat meat in the heat, take the following steps to build the house of your dreams, my friend.

It is only a matter of time before things return to normal, no matter how well-organized they may be, unless you have the courage to throw away what you no longer need or value in your family. Therefore, expose all your belongings at once and throw away all things that do not bring you happiness, excite you, or bring you peace. You don’t even have to think about putting it back in the corner of your dark room or taking it upstairs to your summer house. I promise you, in another six months and a year, you will be greeted with none of the things you have piled up, and you will be covered in dust. If you can’t imagine throwing away undamaged items and clothes, join sex groups on Facebook and give them as a gift to someone who needs them. That’s how I got rid of a lot of clothes, toys, and electronics that I no longer use. Keep in mind that tidying up your home is not the same as tidying up your home.

Take pictures of all the rooms, closets, corners, and other places you need to organize just for yourself. Once you’ve got everything in order, every photo you take will inspire you and help you stay organized and minimal. Would a person who managed to lose 20.30 kg with a lot of effort want to be like that again when he sees a picture of his obesity? It’s the same with being organized.