Anyone who wants to bring the wonder of order into their home should start with their closet. In her book, Miss Kondo says, “Clothing is the perfect tool to help you develop the ability to be organized.” The most important thing is to stack all the clothes in your closet, at the bottom of the bed, in a dark room, and sort them one by one. When sorting, say thank you for clothes that don’t make you feel uncomfortable, throw them away without hesitation, or give them to someone who needs them. If you don’t know which clothes to keep or throw away, choose three clothes at random and give yourself 3 minutes to take only one of them. You can feel the real excitement by comparing similar clothes. By the same token, after sorting out all the clothes for your husband and children, you become much more experienced in organizing other things.

As Miss Marie Kondo points out, folding clothes isn’t just about increasing the size of your closet. When you fold your clothes according to his instructions, for some reason you feel a warm feeling of love and care for your clothes. At first, of course, folding each garment to the exact same standard seemed like a tedious and time-consuming task to me. But the more I did it, the calmer I felt and the more I relieved my stress. I was thrilled to see that my closet, which was piled on top of me and full of clothes that were about to collapse, was empty.

Everything in the house must have its own return address and landing owner. After using the hand soap, which is right next to the bathroom tray, you can either put it on the living room sofa or on the bedroom bed. Just like the soap above, everything around you has to have its own home. Otherwise, you won’t feel the benefits of a lot of throwing and a lot of order. No matter how much furniture you have, if they all have their own location, cleaning your home will be really easy.

This change applies to everyone living in the same home, so try to get as much help as you can from your husband and children. After all, it’s best that your husband never asks you again every morning where your socks are. The most difficult part of making everything home was my son’s hundreds of small Lego and toy toys, so he and his daughter organized each of his toys. But after that, when my daughter finished playing in the evening, she immediately put all her toys in place without anyone telling her. Let me remind you again that it is more important to set an example than to try to do everything for your family members.

Lastly, sort out things that are valuable and meaningful to you, such as a letter your husband wrote to you on his first date, memorable family photos, and a small stuffed animal that a ten-year-old classmate gave you. But let’s not forget that we need to love the present more than the fragments of memories of the past. Sometimes it’s not a good idea to keep every memory and remember it all the time.