Women and men may have the same thoughts. I recently heard from a psychologist friend that mistakes we make unnoticed can cause a relationship to break down. You can’t fix it if you don’t know what’s wrong. So let’s share a few things about the relationship I heard from a friend. What mistakes do couples make in their relationship? ”

Stop noticing him- At the beginning of the relationship, you listened to everything he said, but now you don’t. It is human nature to want others to understand and accept you. However, ignoring your loved one, not listening to him or her, and not looking him or her in the eye can hurt your loved one. So whenever he speaks to you and expresses himself, be a good listener, no matter how much he doesn’t like you. But it is important to look into his eyes and understand. Doing so will give him the impression that he is an important person and will open the way for him to open his heart to you in the future. Everyone wants to express themselves to their loved ones. But when you look away and stop noticing what he is doing or saying, you make him feel like no one.

Always try to win- Occasionally, during an argument, someone will shut up and express their desire to end the argument. Being silent does not mean that the person behind you is ignoring you. Talking all the time and trying to get yourself right can sometimes make the argument worse. Don’t think that you are giving up on your loved one by being silent. Instead, think of these as actions that you must take on a regular basis. Always stop trying to win, give up at the right time, admit your guilt, and try to convince him that he is wrong at the wrong time. Then you can maintain a relationship that may have deteriorated.

Women want men to be strong and responsible. However, they are often criticized and ridiculed for their work and mistakes, rather than encouraging them. You ask your boyfriend what to wear to a party, how to style his hair, and how to deal with problems at work, but when he makes a decision, he says, “You decide. You know. ” Talking and consulting together instead gives her love and respect and makes her feel close to her mother.

Most couples are left behind in their development and learning by focusing too much on household chores, children, and loans. It can be frustrating in life and frustrating for a loved one. At times, you may feel jealous of your single friends, and you may feel guilty for not growing up. The resulting frustration can lead to divorce and strong arguments between couples. That’s why family psychologists “advise never to stop your development and learning due to household chores throughout your life.” Take time for yourself and do what you love. Talk to your loved one and encourage him or her to do the same. Having the right understanding of your desires and the desire to work together can make a relationship strong and happy.