Women spend an average of 11 minutes a day on makeup. Is it necessary to paint your face? Why waste time like that? Where do you spend your love in the morning and then in the evening? and so on and so forth. At times, I even leave home without painting my face. On the plus side, makeup can have a profound effect on many things, including our relationships, careers, success, self-confidence, and love. Would you not agree that a well-groomed woman walks proudly over her eyes?

Let’s take a closer look at how makeup affects women’s lives and why it’s important.

  1. Increases self-confidence
    “Cosmetics always help women create new looks. Replace good makeup and nice high heels. It makes a woman feel confident, ”said Sonia Kashuk, founder of the Sonia Kashuk brand and make-up artist. According to a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetology, women are more confident when it comes to makeup than when they are not. Light makeup that suits you every day, not necessarily at parties or celebrations, can help you to feel confident in front of others.
  1. Establish easy relationships with other women
    When women talk about cosmetics and makeup, they have a friendly conversation. They enjoy sharing each other’s personal experiences by asking each other about the colors they use, how they paint their eyebrows, and what brand of lipstick they belong to. Of course, there are many questions to ask a woman with a beautiful face. Maybe if you’re new to the job, you might want to get to know the girls in the organization quickly, compliment them on their makeup, and be interested in the paint they use. Wouldn’t women refuse this kind of question?
  1. Ready to go to battle
    A woman with a beautiful face is ready to have a proud conversation with anyone, no matter where she is, because makeup prepares women not only on the outside but also on the inside. “Makeup refreshes me and prepares me for the day,” said model Brooke Baker. Women may refuse a date or an important meeting because of their appearance, or they may not be able to express themselves fully. So don’t be discouraged to spend a little time each day preparing yourself. Today, you may suddenly meet your first love, how did you know?
  2. It’s a fun job Most women think that in order to learn how to do beautiful makeup, they need to take beauty training and get a variety of makeup. But it’s a really fun and economical way to try brand new makeup with just a few paints in your cosmetic bag. It may take a little creativity on your part. We put a lot of emphasis on matching the clothes in the closet and matching the style. Similarly, you can match your lipstick and eye shadow with your clothes. You can also apply any number of makeups with one shade to suit your face shape and appearance. Imagine yourself as a designer and make up artist. It will be really fun.