I’ve read all my books, I’ve cleaned my house a lot, I’ve even taken 50 stretches, and now it’s for people who want another “job.”

Thanks to our responsible doctors and staff, we are “quarantined” more peacefully and freely than any other country in the world. Because our country is trying so hard, we, the citizens, are not necessarily going abroad, we are trying to do what we can do at home.

When you become a human being, you get bored of resting and want some kind of “project”. Once you’ve completed the basic tasks you plan to do in your spare time, such as reading a book and doing a lot of cleaning at home, here are some tips to help you create a new “job.” When you have chosen one of these important tasks, when the time comes for peace to come, you will feel like “someone has done it for you”.

Completion of the contract
Do you want to spend more time at home and make your living environment more beautiful? When we first moved into our new apartment, we had a plan to renovate the house, but due to our busy schedule, we were not able to get the basic furniture and appliances.
Especially since joining the Facebook group Simple_Stressrelief, there is a growing desire to make a deal. Do you do the same? Now is the time to get the flower vases, rugs, curtains, murals, and light bulbs that you need to make your home beautiful.

Take off your summer clothes and update your closet
I want to visit in the warmer months, brighten up my mood, go shopping and buy thin and elegant clothes for myself and my family. However, shopping with a mask is inconvenient and risky because of the large number of people. That’s why I get discouraged when I go to one or two stores.
Instead, it is much cheaper, more stylish, and a better choice to order Chinese quality products from the site. Because the search engine is in Mongolian, it’s easy to find what you want, and if you can’t, you can use the “Search by Picture” system.
It is commendable that even those who sell ready-made goods do not have to go ahead and take risks and order goods from home. Do you have to go out and shop when you have a website full of quality and affordable brands?

Get into the habit
It’s not just a one-time 50-stretch challenge. Now is the time to get into the habit of exercising regularly. The closer you are to the habits you choose, the more likely you are to do them. So don’t delay going to the gym to get out of bed, but get into the habit of exercising at home from now on. You don’t even have to sign up for an online fitness program.

Preparing for your wedding in the fall
Don’t regret that you can’t prepare for the wedding because of the crown. You can order affordable wedding dresses, table decorations, artificial flowers and invitations online to suit your budget.

Support your child’s intellectual development
This is a golden time to work with your child. Don’t rely on tele-lessons for your child’s development. Children need real teachers and interviewers. But that person is you. It is recommended to buy several types of mind games and spend 1 hour a day with your child. You will be overjoyed to see your children improve their skills and become smarter. You don’t have to buy expensive toys.