The woman sitting upright is arrogant and looks beautiful in the background. It’s a question mark to say that I’ve learned to bend over from the beginning, and it’s wrong to think who’s watching me from behind the computer. Just look at the men in the office as you turn your back and lift your chin slightly.

Choose the right chair
To sit upright, you must first choose the right chair. Too much chair cushioning is not ideal. Also, the armrests of the chair should not interfere with the movement of the arms, and the backrest should be inclined at 100-110 degrees.

Table selection
You need to adjust the height of the chair. Sit in a chair and bend your legs at a 90-degree angle so that your feet are free to reach the floor. Also, the height of the table should match the height of the chair. If you sit in a chair and put your hands on the table, your shoulders will not be raised, which means that it is appropriate.

Your screen is down
The result of looking down to look at the screen is a double chin. That screen moves. Raise the screen too “tilted”. If you use a laptop, try to save the elevator right away.

How to sit?
It is considered appropriate for a woman to sit on 1/3 of her chair. Even if you are sitting in an armchair, a full recline is detrimental to your beauty and health. If you “throw” your whole body freely in your chair, it will be difficult to sit upright. When you sit like this, you will involuntarily pull your stomach.

Now the shoulder …
If you are sitting in the middle of half of your chair, now stretch your shoulders slightly. It’s happening right now. At first, it may seem difficult to adjust. If you practice little by little, it will become a regular habit.

For those who have learned to sit …
For a person who has learned to sit up straight, there is no point in walking straight. Women who sit at the table every day do not often go. This means that you are doing the exercise of straightening your back in your seat. Women who walk upright look 3 kg less and 5 cm taller than they are.