The spring has already knocked on the door, and even nature is in a hurry to put on its ornaments, like buds sprouting flowers and saying, “Come on, praise my beauty.” But is your closet ready to take full advantage of this season, which is supposed to be the most stylish and elegant of the year, and decorate the streets of Ulaanbaatar with your own beauty?

It’s a little early to think of walking around the beach in a bikini, but Goolingoo highlights eight trends that are becoming a trend right now to help you sum up the summer with jewelry, bags and accessories and add light on warm spring days.

  1. “Even in nature” bag
    These bamboo and knit bags, which were only used for summer outings, will give you a warm, simple and eco-friendly feeling these spring days. If you want to make your bamboo bag look more elegant, you can tie a brightly patterned silk scarf on one side. I would like to add that the bamboo brown color, which can be called the color of nature, goes perfectly with all the outerwear in intermediate pastel colors and dark brown.
  1. 2 in 1: It can be a belt or a bag
    Who would have thought that this bag, which in the past was the work tool of our sisters, will become an integral part of the most fashionable trends of our time? For those of you who are a little bored with the belt bag you bought last year and want to look more stylish, I’m happy to say that this spring, instead of wearing your bag as a belt, you can wear it over your shoulders like the one above.
    One thing to keep in mind when experimenting with this trend: If you want to stand out from ten-year-olds carrying a belt bag full of streets, choose beige, nude or crimson, dark black, and pure leather or leather as the material.Simple sandals
  2. With so many accessories, weird patterns, and multi-colored combinations, these fashion heels are becoming a trend that will surely delight many minimalist women. Minimal sandals reminiscent of the late ’90s and early’ 2000s will be one of the main trends in spring and summer footwear. If you buy dark-colored sandals that are as thin as possible, simple in design, and know that they will fit in almost any outfit this spring and summer. But before you put on your favorite sandals, don’t forget to take care of your beautiful legs and go for a pedicure.Snake skin
  3. The entire spring-summer 2019 collection was rich in a variety of patterns. From jewelry to outerwear, we are fascinated by a variety of patterns Of these, no one would argue that the most popular and most “practical” use of the women’s pattern was snake skin. The costumes of the Milan, New York and Paris Fashion Week guests also proved how much women love snakeskin. We have a wide selection of snakeskin patterns, from long boots to stockings and Dr.martens. There aren’t that many patterns on almost all types of outerwear, such as trench coats, maxi dresses, and cashmere jackets, so no doubt make your own snakeskin pattern this spring, darling.
  1. The coincidence of “art”
    More and more women want to express their inner nature through jewelry, buying only one handmade piece of art, rather than thousands of “fast fashion” models. In that sense, the trend that is dominating this spring in terms of jewelry is the unique and valuable earrings that are a combination of art and craftsmanship. You can wear these models every day, from an evening date. Do we sometimes feel as if our clothes are too uniform and boring? At the same time, try to match the “art” earrings made with the same handicrafts as in the picture above to match your outfit. I’m sure you’ll like it. Although handmade in small quantities, there are many brands that are very affordable, not only abroad but also in Mongolia, so if you do a little research, you will be able to find a model just for you.
  1. Pearls of pearls and pearls again
    I’m willing to bet that if we look at the ankles of celebrities, the symbol of street fashion, right now, we can see at least a few pearl earrings, necklaces and hairpins.
    The sad trend of wearing pearls only when watching ballet has disappeared, and the “it girls” are really playing with all kinds of pearl jewelry. If you are planning to get a pearl ornament this spring, we recommend that you choose a more modern design with a more contemporary style than the classic one, as well as a pearl in its natural form, rather than a flawless round shape.
  1. “Korshonkon” hat
    Picture 7 I had to buy a big size sunglasses for my daughter. One of the hit trends of the 90’s, our so-called “Korshonkon hat” has made a splash in the fashion world twenty years later. If you are planning to protect your skin from the sun this year, be sure to buy this stylish hat with good quality sunscreen. As for the color: cube-shaped models such as neon yellow, gray, white, white, brown, etc., will look more appropriate and blend in everyday wear.
  1. The sharper, the more stylish
    If you’re planning to be proud of your butterfly and cat style glasses this spring, take a break. As for the sunglasses this spring, the oval and round frames are completely forgotten, but its successor is occupied by sharp corners. Choose a frame that you like, such as a triangle, a square, or a hexagon. The glasses you choose alone can make your outfit look completely “cool”.