Voting for the parliamentary elections will take place on the 24th of this month. An important time has come for Mongolians. Every four years, citizens seek to increase their incomes, get jobs, build schools and kindergartens, solve long-standing problems, and elect the right legislature. In this sense, citizens are looking for more realistic platforms to be implemented in real life, as mentioned above.

With just a few days to go before the end of the election campaign, the most important thing for candidates to do in a few days of campaigning is to meet with voters, introduce themselves, and present and explain their policies, goals, and platforms. This year, voters’ attitudes toward politicians have changed, with more young people than older people attending candidate meetings and getting acquainted with their platforms. In the past, it has been rare for young people to be actively involved in campaign meetings with candidates. Probably because they were tired of politicians and listened to their lies, they thought it was fun to browse Facebook.

This year, for the first time, I am going to vote in the parliamentary elections. Therefore, the purpose is to participate in the candidates’ meetings, to find out what kind of work and development will be done for the youth, and to get acquainted with the candidates and get information. For the second time, I’m attending a candidate meeting, and some of them like it.

But there were no such issues as rest in the resort and distribution of money. In my opinion, I also liked the fact that this year’s candidate meetings were held in a small format with a small number of people without cultural performances. In general, I got acquainted with the platforms of the candidates’ handouts. I liked the fact that some of them were aimed at young people, while others were not. For example, we young people do not have enough playgrounds and gyms. That has been taken into account. If we have a gym and a playground, we will have one more place to spend our free time.