Congratulations on this day!
I don’t know where to start. Welcome to my life!
Everything happened to me, from bad to good. But I spend every day meaningfully, thanking the worst and wishing the best. Life has been generous to me. Did I despise him? But as a result, I dreamed more and more.

I am not the first citizen of Ulaanbaatar. My home is in a small, beautiful, peaceful city. I thought, “Let’s help my mom on vacation,” and I did all the housework. Everything was glistening and smelling good. Suddenly I remembered that I had left the last dark room, and I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. My first grade sketchbooks, paper clippings, and dried flowers are coming out a lot. It was just a bunch of memories. It is said that there is suffering for people of all ages. There were portraits of my first love, many unaddressed letters, diaries, notebooks, and memorabilia. It seems to me now that first love is not the person who first meets you and ignites your heart, but the person who creates the most wonderful and greatest love. So I haven’t met my first love.

I still remember the events of my childhood. Also, when I read an old text message on my phone, I clearly remember where I was sitting, how I felt, and in what environment I was texting. When you think about it, you just need something left over from the old days. Every time he saw it, he smiled and wanted to hug himself. He was a very, very innocent child. But at that time, if someone said, “You have to do this, you have to have this intention,” I would be a person who can love and appreciate people like I do now, or not.

Then I dug into the desktop computer I used in high school. Pictures tell stories. There were pictures and videos about my life for almost 5 years. Eventually, after watching it, it was as if I recognized myself and saw my own mistakes. There were very few people in the past who leaned on me right now and kept in touch with me. But because I believe in destiny, I don’t regret it. Maybe if I hadn’t moved away from those people and set foot somewhere else, I wouldn’t be here today.

But in the meantime, I realized that I had hurt one person dear to me so much. We’ve been friends since we were in elementary school. He was a very curious, undisciplined, and innovative boy. We know each other’s lives. But we often had arguments. He was always the one who apologized, not me, and among his friends he was as caring, wise, and good as our mother. I went to different universities and almost lost contact. In any case, it’s not like before, we’ve been talking about it for a long time, or we’ve only met during the summer holidays. As I lived so far away from him, I realized the value of my friend. He doesn’t understand my life, but he knows. He is always generous. He was kind, the brightest, he had his own troubles, he loved literature, he was compassionate, he was very kind. It’s my fault for being careless and arrogant that I didn’t call first. Only when something becomes a memory do we realize the value of that thing. But it’s okay, some memories need to be left in the past. But it’s not just my friend. The 14-year friendship should not end like this. Now that I understand its value so much, I will have a good relationship with him again.

Everything makes sense, has a time to happen, and has the right people. If your life is not the same now, it’s not time and the right person hasn’t come out. People don’t have to wait to read it, you have to create it yourself. But that doesn’t mean just sit. Of course, anything takes effort. What is it like to get everything you want right away? When someone or something suddenly appears in your life, you realize why someone else or something else hasn’t been the same in the past.

Bad events sometimes turn lives for the better. A person who sleeps only three hours a day and studies for other hours fails to get the school he wants! How can someone who is so devoted to you leave you as nobody! What if your family always has a problem! How frustrating it would be to lose what you had so much faith in! What a wonderful way to screw people over!