“I believe that dreams are a way of life, not a destination”
My son is the beginning of building his “My Child” brand and making his dreams come true. From birth, I became very interested in children’s clothes and made a lot of purchases. However, she began to notice that the clothes she bought for her son were beautiful, but the materials were uncomfortable. Since then, why not make beautiful and comfortable clothes for children? I started looking for an answer to this question and started my brand. Thus, we have been operating our “My Child” brand since November of last year, which is comfortable for children, has no negative impact on their health, is pleasing to both parents, and is affordable, and can be ordered at home.
In our work, we adhere to four values: child-friendly, healthy, substitute for imported products, and able to create memories. In particular, I would like to emphasize the value of “creating memories”. Parents want to express their love for their children on children’s clothes, and they make cute baby items. The clothes I bought for my child remained as a picture, and even when the child grew up, my parents tried to help me create warm memories together by recalling how they loved and expressed me as a child.

“He wanted to prove to his son that his mother was trying for him.”
When I first started my brand, I decided to try it first and make it work. What will you deliver to your customers through your service? was able to fully answer the question, first clarifying the brand logo, photography, appearance, and values. But those clarities are more conducive to continuing to be active. He also returned to work when his son was 7 months old and started “My Child” next to him, so he faced 2 or 3 things at the same time. It was then that I saw more and more times when I felt like I was in a trance when I started a new job. But my desire to prove that “her mother worked hard for her son” because she opened the brand only for her son encouraged me in times of frustration.

“Mothers create together, develop together, move forward together”
Mothers are the ones who “create” children’s clothes of the “My Child” brand and deliver them to their customers. The courier, the page administrator, and the tailor are all mothers. You can’t design, take pictures, sew, and deliver on your own. So they filled their jobs with women, wanting to give their mothers a small chance to increase their income (laughs). A mother with a car delivers her child in her spare time, a mother who looks after her baby at home keeps a page and takes orders. We intend to continue this mutual support.

“A woman’s real life begins with becoming a mother”
When you look at the two lines on a pregnancy test, you have three feelings: joy, fear, and surprise. The feeling of knowing that you are going to be a mother is amazing and incomparable. In the past, I had often heard that real life begins only after I became a mother, but I didn’t realize the value of having a child and having a body because I didn’t feel it. It is said that the child arrives on time, so I accepted that it was time. At the same time, I faced fear and responsibility: “Well, I’m an inexperienced person, how can I become a human being?”
During my pregnancy, I read a lot of books about pregnancy and did a lot of research. That’s why I say, “OK,” because I focused on the pregnancy process, such as how to eat properly during pregnancy, how to take care of the baby after birth, how to take care of the baby in the first few months, and how to take care of the baby during these months. It’s over. But now it seems to be the other way around (laughs). I paid a lot of attention to my first pregnancy, but this time I am paying more attention to my work. Even when I’m not there, I’m more focused on getting things done. In the first few months after birth, I don’t have to worry about anything else, so I spend time with my baby, so I need to plan ahead so that my work can continue without me.