Do you want to update your makeup this fall? If you answered yes to the above question, then if you like Korean makeup, which is an expression of a clean and flawless appearance, read this article and try it out.

If you’re a big fan of K-pop and Korean drama, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen soluble lipstick somewhere. All you need to try this makeup is just two types of lipstick. First of all, you need to paint the center of your lips with a slightly brighter color and dissolve it well. After that, it is enough to paint the rest in a brighter color. If you feel that you have painted too much, re-apply the main part of your lips. Finally, apply a layer of lip balm to make your makeup more naturally soluble and your lips softer and more moisturized. Even if you only have one lipstick, you can do it by dissolving the lipstick with the help of your face concealer.

Of course, matte lipstick is not a new product in the world of makeup. In recent years, all beauty brands in the Western world have launched their own brand of matte lipstick, but until recently, this trend was not widespread among Koreans. Starting this year, Korean beauty brands have launched their own brand of matte lipsticks. But they didn’t just want to produce matte lipstick. The biggest disadvantage of this type of lipstick is that it dries the lips. Korean brands, on the other hand, use non-dry gel ingredients in their matte lipsticks to eliminate this disadvantage and put an end to dry lips. The idea to include skin care products in cosmetics comes from Koreans, yes. The gel ingredients in Matte Lipstick will help you create a soft, yet vibrant complexion on your lips, just like Actress Lee Sung Kyung. If you are planning to buy lipstick in the near future, make a list of Korean matte lipsticks.

It is a very common trend to paint the lower eyelid in the same bright color as the upper eyelid. Instead of trying to hide the follicles of your lower eyelids, highlighting them makes your eyes look bigger and younger. As a result, this type of eye makeup has recently appeared on the covers of many Western magazines, not only in Korea. Koreans, on the other hand, use brighter, brighter colors in this type of makeup to make the eyes look even brighter. When applying this makeup, light reflections and shimmery eye shadows can make your eyes look bigger. When you go out in the evening, try this new trend instead of painting your lower eyelids with the same dark brown smoky color. The more glitter you use, the more luxurious and decorative this makeup will be. Even better if your lipstick has a gloss.