Young singer Enkhbold’s Chuluunchimeg is well known for singing T.Bayasgalan’s song. We traveled to the inner world of the singer, who will soon be embracing her first album, and talked about her work and personal life.

  • Where is Chuluunchimeg from?
  • I was born in Uvurkhangai province. After studying there, I moved to Darkhan-Uul aimag and finished ten years. Children of Uvurkhangai and Darkhan. He transferred from the third year of the University of Arts and Sciences to a part-time class and enrolled in the tourism class of the University of Agriculture. He is 22 years old now. He will graduate from the opera singing class at the University of Arts and Sciences this year and at the University of Agriculture next year.
  • I am studying in two professions. Which is the final choice?

-I want to become a singer. The tourism profession seemed interesting. During my summer vacation, I took an English course and passed the exam. It’s nice to study two favorite professions.

  • Did you think that a student who is studying as an artist would be quite busy?
  • At first, the new student was busy because he didn’t have time for other things. I started making art in my sophomore year. It seems that if you set your heart on it, you will succeed.

-Is the latest newspaper good?

-Last time I sang the song from the movie “Day by Day” which was aired on MNB. This movie has three songs. Singer J. Altantsetseg, Bichuu and I sang. My song “Gods of Health” became the anthem of the health sector. The words were written by Jadambaa guai, the father of Tsolmon, the Deputy Minister of Health, and the melody was composed by Ser-Od. The clip has been airing since yesterday.

  • They said that they are going to release their first album. What’s the title of the album?
  • The album includes 15 songs. 14 are new songs I’ve sung. The 15th song was dedicated to P.Iderjavkhlan’s concert and six young singers sang “Our planet’s youth”. He put the song at the very end. The album is named after the song “Unexpected Love”. People say, “It’s a little longer. Don’t give it another name, ”he said.“ No, it’s my first song that has reached a certain level. “Unexpected Love” is my first song. Written by Darkhan composer B.Baasankhuu. This song seems to have reached a certain extent, but they don’t always know me. МУГЖ Т. It is often mistaken for a song of joy.

-Didn’t MONGOLIAN PROVINCE T.Bayasgalan sing this song? Who sang first?

“I sang it first.” Composer B.Baasankhuu suggested, “Please write me a song on the theme of sacred love.” The first composer I knew was Brother Baasankhuu. A little closer. I really liked the part of the song, “I didn’t think, I didn’t think, I didn’t dream,” and I said, “I’ll take this song.” The reason why the state was confused with T.Bayasgalan is that our timbre is similar. On the occasion of the proclamation of the state, our teacher T.Ser-Od from the University of Arts and Sciences received the UGZ award. He then performed a hit song called “Thanksgiving for the People.” T.Bayasgalan could not come to this concert due to respectful reasons, so Ser-Od suggested that I sing “Only for you”.

  • Does that mean that T.Bayasgalan did not say “I can’t come, please sing my song”?

-There was no such treatment with T.Bayasgalan. I have never met him. The composer agreed and sang it once at the concert. And I didn’t take it as a work of art. He must have been surprised because he sang T.Bayasgalan’s song, which he didn’t sing after the concert. Even my song “Unexpected Love” is thought to be Bayasgalan’s song. This is confusion.

  • Do you feel hurt when you hear people talk about it?

“Well, I actually sang.” It’s a joy for a new young artist to be known for having such a song. But now I was confident that the time would come to release my first album and introduce it as my song. So don’t worry.