While shopping online is easy, everyone is skeptical that it will really look exactly like the one in the picture and be of good quality. Some really want to say, “Just be like the picture.” So how do you get the best out of the many products we offer? How to make a purchase without regrets?

  1. With regular customers
    First and foremost, choose a store that has its own established customers, many followers, likes and access. See how long it has been in operation and what people have written under their products. You can even find out their attitude by looking at the responses of their admins. If you are quick, respond to everyone’s questions, and receive some criticism politely, you are more likely to be a responsible person who is responsible for your work, who doesn’t say “I don’t care” if there are any problems with the order. It’s best to give your clients advice on how to make the right choices and what to look for.
  2. Look at people’s comments
    Some online stores have created a corner where customers can post pictures of their products and leave comments. Having a store with such a section is a sign of confidence in the products and services you sell. The more people who rate you as good or excellent, the more reliable you are.
  3. It is doubtful if the model or image is over-edited
    From personal experience, you can’t be 100% sure of the quality of products in stores with Chinese models. This is especially true if the legs are artificially lengthened and the whole area is bleached. There are many stores in our market that import products from China, but keep in mind that they differ in quality. There are good stores that have regular customers, so think carefully and follow the advice in number 1.

When choosing a product:

  1. Search for images on Google.mn
    Download the photo from the store’s website, Facebook and Instagram and search for it on google.mn. From the results, find out the real price of the product and from which country it is imported. You may not know it completely, but you can pack it. In other words, it is possible to know if the products imported from China are sold in the United States. Click HERE to learn how to search by image.
  2. In terms of materials …
    Of course, you want to know if the product you choose will look as good as the one in the picture and have good materials. If there are products sold on American and British sites such as Asos.com, forever21.com, mango.com, zara.com, you can zoom in and see the colors and stitches. 6. In terms of price …
    Once you know the actual price of the product in the above way, compare it to the price in the store. If a shoe that costs $ 30 sells for 200,000 MNT, it will be more expensive. Of course, this example applies to less expensive goods. Because customs charges a fee based on the weight of the product, the price may increase if you buy something heavier, even if it is reasonably priced. Approximately $ 8- $ 15 per kg is considered reasonable. There are also shops on foreign websites that order goods at the same price and pay extra for transportation to Mongolia.
  3. Pay attention to the price of a branded product
    You can’t try it on because it’s online. So you need to be able to study the quality of the product at your own level. There are online stores that sell products from well-known brands such as Louis Viutton, Burberry and Prada. But most of them are not real products. There are quality copies that are not real products. It is not a pity to have such copies. Prices for genuine products can be found on the official website of the brand. If it’s too different from the price, if it’s too cheap, it’s useless to give the money.

Finally, before you buy a product from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia that is available over the counter, you need to determine the brand and model, search the Internet, and find out the basic price. This, as mentioned above, can to some extent prevent inflated purchases.