Final Fantasy 14 Cheongmado level up! I’m really into a PC game that I can do.

Final Fantasy 14, which is loved as the best PC game, has been updated to v5.15 this time. As the update in Papan 14 is always full of quality and interesting issues, I am excited about what other news will be waiting for this time. The main character of this update is Cheongmado.

As you know, there was a limit of 50 levels for Limited Job Cheongmado. However, as we progressed through this 5.15 patch, it was finally expanded to level 60. As a result, not only new skills, but also dedicated missions that need to be organized and targeted by Cheongmadosa have been added, so let’s play with reference.

Certainly, Cheongmado is a limited job that has an interesting feature of absorbing the monster’s skill, and as it has a unique concept, it is a job that especially new users want to recommend.

And!! There is a flower of PvP that appeared in this update, which is Onsal Hakair (Seasonal End). The basic rules are the same as the sealed rock islands (contest), but with the addition of the unique rules of Onsal Hakair, you can experience the fun of new and exciting PvP.

So, in this posting, we will focus on this one-year-old Hakai large-scale PvP content.

In Onsal Hakai, 3 troops fight at the same time. In other words, up to 72 users can participate, but since it is a large-scale scale and progresses to a three-wave war, it must be very fierce? The most important thing is that the odds change depending on which party shows more perfect teamwork. Rather than dogmatic behavior, it is important to link the entire unit!!

​There is an area of pure land in Onsal Hakaire. If you make a contract here, it is a system that can acquire the strategic score of the unit to which the user belongs. Of course, if you have a high score in this strategy, you can win. Therefore, as long as the remaining ranks are decided~ Doing your best until the end is also a strategy to win.

First, you need to know about the four conditions of this pure land. It is important that the four states change in order.

When you first wait, you can actually think that the pure land is not in its role. At first, all of them are in this waiting state, but as time goes by, some of the points change to a preliminary state.

When it is in the notice state, it means the preliminary stage until the innocence of the ground is activated, but the user should be interested because the sign will be displayed as to how long it will become effective. This is because the pure land, which has become valid, can finally be contracted by users. And when you complete the contract, it will change to the state of the contract, but if you take damage from an enemy before that, please be careful. This is why teamwork is important!!

Anyway, if you switch to the contract status after the competition, you can see that the strategy score continues to rise from then on. You can rest assured that once you are already in the contract, you cannot take it from other units.

Of course, after a certain period of time, it is put on standby again, but at this time, it is equipped with a process in which the pure land of the waiting place in another place is changed to the foreground state again.

Once you know this much, you won’t have any trouble in participating in this greenhouse Hakaire!! I don’t think there is anything that is difficult to understand.

For reference, the pure land is divided into S grade, A grade, and B grade. The higher the grade, the more strategic points you can earn.

At this time, the rating is decided randomly in the state of notice. One good tip to know is that the closer to the center of the field as possible, the higher the probability that a higher grade of pure land will appear!!

I hope you will increase your strategy score so hard. For reference, the strategy score can be obtained even if the user of another unit is disabled, and the strategy score of the unit to which the target user belongs is also reduced.

As it is a large-scale PvP, it progresses very fiercely. Special rules apply to adrenaline congestion and rising struggle, so please experience it yourself and build your skills.

This year, on the anniversary of the launch of Onsal Hakaire, a PvP event that will burn it even further has begun. With the event, you can enjoy more than twice as much fun.

Let’s get various rewards by participating in the battlefield at peak times every day. You can get 100 points for completing one-day Hakkair every day, and you can get 30 points by participating in a designated PvP up to three times a day.

The good reason for earning points so hard is that you can choose the desired reward from among the prepared rewards and exchange it for yourself.

Many people would like to aim for Tosa Mogri and Nuts Eater at 1,500 points. In addition, you can freely exchange 1st level hidden maps, inactive star clusters, envelopes: butler salary. Let’s take part in PvP and try to get the reward you want.

I will also try to get a little friend this time. The event was really good because you can get it with points.

For reference, if you want to find out more in detail, including Onsal Hakai, which I lightly attacked today, it is kindly explained in the official guide of Final Fantasy 14.

With this update, a new vehicle has appeared, and a new friend has appeared. This update was very full!!

This concludes the summary of the v5.15 update. Do you feel the expectation towards the v5.2 update from now on?

Anyway, through the upcoming v5.2 update, various new fun such as new dungeons, 24-player raids, and new raids are being announced, so I want to play it soon!! As this interesting issue continues, I think it will make Final Fantasy 14 a more playable PC game.

As the heat began in earnest, the days at home have increased. I am spending time with the final fantasy 14 while turning on the air conditioner coolly at home.

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