The most unusual homes of billionaires

It seems that all billionaires necessarily live in huge mansions equipped with the latest technology — with a swimming pool, a large garden or a Park. But there are exceptions. The Forbes Life collection includes unexpected architectural and design solutions for homes whose owners are in the top 100 of the Forbes list

173-meter colossus “Antilla”
Owner: Mukesh Ambani, net worth $36.8 billion

Location: Mumbai, India

Towering over the Bombay urban jungle is a 27-story giant built by billionaire Mukesh Ambani. This unusual house is named Antilia after a Ghost island in the Atlantic ocean. And in fact, the 173-meter colossus, built by the Chicago architectural firm Perins&Wall, looks unrealistic against the background of typical urban development.

Both the appearance and functions of the blocks of this house are different. On the upper floors of the building there are 3 helipads, and under them the heart of the house is the residence of Mukesh and his family with beautiful views of the Arabian sea from panoramic Windows. Below are the guest floors, under them a whole health complex with a Spa and several pools, from the ninth to the eleventh floors there is a greenhouse with hanging gardens, on the eighth floor there is a theater for 50 spectators, and under it there is a private Parking for 168 cars and a car service center. Of course, the maintenance of such a giant requires a lot of resources, the house has a special floor for the staff, the staff of servants is 600 people.

Despite the heterogeneity of the structure, this house is able to withstand an earthquake up to 8 points on the Richter scale. This architectural miracle is estimated at $ 2 billion.

Modern ranch for a computer magnate
Owner: Michael Dell, net worth $22.9 billion

Location: Austin, Texas

In addition to the Hawaiian Villa Raptor Residence, a home in the Caribbean, penthouses in new York, Boston and other real estate, the founder of the eponymous computer company Michael Dell owns a futuristic home 6D Ranch with extensive holdings. The nearly 60-hectare ranch is located near lake Austin in Texas.

This unusual structure is an interpretation of a traditional Texas Bungalow. Despite the ultra-modern design, this is really a real ranch, which has horses (pedigreed Arabian horses), and land where you can hunt deer. The lake is accessed from the ground floor, which in addition to the Spa area and sports complex includes a dining room, living room and kitchen. On the floors that are located above, there is a living area. Special attention is paid to the development of the territory where a boathouse, swimming pool and other opportunities for active recreation are being designed. The interior of the house combines modern interior concepts and classic minimalism.

Hectares of Li Kashin forest in Hong Kong
Owner: Li Kashin, $21.7 billion

Location: Hong Kong

Although the mansion of one of the most influential businessmen in Asia, Li Kashin, is located in one of the most densely populated cities, it is surrounded by greenery. The architecture of the building, which raises the house like a medieval castle above the ground, also emphasizes the remoteness and high aloofness. In this separated from the outside world, the residence has a private pool and all the necessary service centers. Despite the vigilance of security, a 19-year-old unemployed man from mainland China attempted a robbery a few years ago, but vigilant security tracked the offender as he tried to climb over the fence. Of course, a residence that occupies about 100 hectares on a territory where the price of one square meter is comparable to a decent apartment in Moscow, attracts robbers like a magnet. Earlier, a stranger who introduced himself as a criminal Baron’s pupil sent a letter to the residence demanding money, but was also caught and arrested.

Peter Kellner’s residence on the site of industrial barns
Owner: Peter Kellner, net worth $14.9 billion

Location: Podkozi, Czech Republic

The richest Czech, Peter Kellner, made a fortune in Russian shares, and his investment company PPF Group N. V., created before perestroika, is closely linked to Russian capital. Russian Russian businessman speaks very well and is even referred to as the “Russian Czech”.

The billionaire’s residence is located in the small village of Podkozi in the Czech Republic on the site of the former camp of the enterprise “Water construction”. This house merges with the surrounding landscape, many buildings are hidden under a layer of green lawn, greenery can be seen even on the roof of the building, natural stone is used in the facade decoration. The mansion has tennis courts, a huge swimming pool, an arena and stables, the entire site is literally dotted with hidden surveillance cameras, such precautions are atypical for Czech country life, so they attract special attention of compatriots.

I must say that this is not the only architectural landmark owned by the billionaire. The Villa in Vrana nad Vltavou, designed by architect Josef Pleskot from the AP Atelier Studio, has already entered the textbooks on the history of architecture.

Modern Lee Gong Hee quarters in Seoul
Owner: Lee Gong-Hee, $14.1 billion

Location: Yongsan-GU, Seoul, South Korea

The son of Samsung’s founder, Lee Gong-Hee, is among the world’s wealthiest people and owns a number of modern homes in Central Seoul. His mansion in Yeonsangu is interesting not only for its architecture, but also for the cost of 19.5 million dollars, which makes it the most expensive real estate in both Seoul and South Korea. Next to it are other houses belonging to the billionaire’s family, together these properties make up a much larger value. For example, another house owned by the daughter of a billionaire is not much inferior in price to the above-mentioned residence of Lee Gong-Hee.

The wooden facade of the residence democratically merges with the city buildings, and at the same time looks inaccessible to prying eyes. The billionaire’s family does not open the doors of their homes to the General public, even the Windows and vents facing the street are hidden by the solid cladding of the house.

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