DISNEY PRINCESS dressed fashionably YEARS

Princesses in the form of guys, princesses in the form of dinosaurs… Maybe something simpler? And prettier, for that matter. Swedish artist bealor looked at the princesses and decided it was time to dress them up. The girl’s imagination does not take up: she conducted a whole study to dress up each character in clothes that were fashionable in the year of the cartoon’s release.

Snow white, “snow White and the seven dwarfs”
1937-shoes with stable heels, a multi-colored dress and a mandatory belt to emphasize the figure. Everything is simple, but very elegant.

1950-fitted dress with a full skirt and Cape on top, the heel is still steady. Oh, Yes, don’t forget your gloves!

Aurora, “Sleeping beauty”
1959-puffy skirts have not gone away, add to this a high hairstyle and pumps with a small heel, and voila, Aurora is a typical housewife of that time. Naive husbands were then sure that their wives looked so perfect 24 hours a day.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid
1989-goodbye, uncomfortable dresses, Hello, tight skirts and jumpers. In the course of jewelry, but the varnish continues to give hairstyles durability. Tights must wear either leggings or socks, and all this is supplemented with shoes.

Belle, Beauty and the beast
1991 — almost the same as 1989, but less colorful and without socks. And add to the images of the jackets. Black, white, three-dimensional and not very good, even with the hated by many “hangers”. In General, any.

Jasmine, “Aladdin”
1992-goodbye, heels. Denim skirts start to rule, jewelry is minimal and not very flashy, a high-necked and sleeveless top is a great choice.

1995-remembered “Stupid”, isn’t it? And that’s right, because the film was released in the same year, and Pocahontas and breathes the style of the heroine Alicia Silverstone. Business shirt and jacket, modern “party” skirt and knee socks that can be confusing. The shoes are still without a heel.

1998-comfort comes with wide trousers, but the waist is narrow. T-shirt and sneakers-everything, the image is complete, you can go to University, and to work, and to a party, and even fly to another country.

Tiana, “the Princess and the frog”
2009-a combination of the seemingly incongruous. Tight tights and shoes with open toes, a light summer dress and two layers of clothing at once-to make sure not to freeze, but to remain fashionable.

Rapunzel, “Rapunzel: a Tangled story”
2010 — everything is simple and even comfortable, a dress in a bright floral print, pointy-toed shoes with heels and perhaps something on top, for example, a denim vest.

Merida, “Brave at heart”
2012 is not such a business style. Oxfords were all in a row. On Merida, to confuse you completely, you can see a white shirt and trousers with mandatory pockets, because without pockets it’s not the same.

Agree that you don’t want to argue with the originality of such an idea! And the image of each Princess sparkled with new colors thanks to the historical link.

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