Barry Allen has been running the gauntlet lately. While he’s currently dealing with the Reverse-Flash and his newly formed Legion of Zoom, even more threats are on the horizon for The Flash series, and possibly even more more dangerous ones at that. Dr. Alchemy is returning to take on the Flash in November, along with an all-new creative team coming to the series.

Currently, The Flash is being written by Joshua Williamson with art by Clayton Henry. Barry has been hounded by the Legion of Zoom, a collection of Flash’s greatest rogues and foes that have been pulled throughout time by Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash. The Wonder Twins, Barry’s children from the future, are also a part of the evil team as well, feeling slighted and abandoned by their father. Attacking the Flash with a bunch of rogues is only the first part of Thawne’s plan, however. The next phase literally involves phasing, with Thawne entering into the Flash’s body and possessing it, becoming an all-new dark Flash, with Barry’s mind becoming trapped into a limbo like state within the Speed Force. While he tries to trick Barry’s loved ones that he’s the real deal, the Flash Family is hardly convinced, and the latest issue ends with them ready to take the fight to the false Flash.