Tony Stark is not one to pause in the face of an identity crisis. At every challenge, he has always been confident that the solution is more Tony Stark and more technology. With writer Christopher Cantwell at the helm of September’s Iron Man #1, that may be about to change. Cantwell says, “I want Tony to focus on his humanity. Dan [Slott] sets this up so well through the end of Iron Man 2020 […]He’s been in such a heady techno-haze that he needs to clear the air.”

“Techno-haze” is right. Readers who thought Iron Man couldn’t move any further away from literal iron after the Bleeding Edge armor were proven wrong. In Iron Man 2020 Tony Stark decided that – after dying in a battle with Captain Marvel and being resurrected – he was actually an artificial life form. He became a champion for AI rights, fled to a VR world, and built a holographic suit made out of pure energy.