Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 introduces a new Dark Knight character that is a mashup of Batman and Silver Surfer.

In 2017, Dark Nights: Metal introduced the concept of the villainous Batmen from the Dark Multiverse, with each alternate version of Bruce Wayne paralleling a member of the Justice League. Then, the sequel series, Dark Nights: Death Metal, took that even further by introducing countless alternate versions of Batman from the Dark Multiverse, such as the Batmage, B-Rex, Darkfather, Beyonder and many, many others.

There have been so many new Dark Knights in Death Metal that some of them don’t even have clear names, such as the Bane Batman and the Mr. Freeze Batman. And now, in Death Metal #3, DC introduces a Batman mixed with a hero from another  comic book universe: Marvel’s Silver Surfer.

As Death Metal #3 begins, Wonder Woman, Batman, Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing infiltrate Megapokolips after Jonah Hex creates a distraction that allows them to sneak in. Hex was at the helm of the Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman mech giant seen at the close of Death Metal #2, but he is shot down by three new evil Batmen: the first is a Brainiac/Batman amalgam called Collector; the second is a Red Lantern Batman appropriately named Batrocitus; and the third is unmistakably a Batman and Silver Surfer mashup called Night Glider.

This Batman is clearly meant to be a reflection of Marvel’s cosmic character: He is covered in silver from head to toe and flys on top of a surfboard-like vehicle. Of course, he has the obligatory design elements that distinctly make him Batman such as the Bat-ears, the spiked shoulders and the forearm wing guards. Even his name itself is a play on the Dark Knight and the Silver Surfer. “Night” is obviously a reference to Batman’s nocturnal activities, while “Glider” is just a pretty easy substitute for Surfer.

The Dark Knights are born from the nightmares of the regular DC Universe. Each of them are the result of something Bruce Wayne feared could happen, at one time or another. What if he had the Flash’s super-speed? What if he was infected by the Joker? However, the fact that there is a Silver Surfer Batman has us questioning how exactly the Night Glider came into being. If Bruce is afraid of becoming the Surfer, does that mean he has met him before?