Governor’s Office of the Capital City held a press briefing on organization of a campaign for ensuring wintering preparations.

During it, project leader in charge of air and environmental pollution of the capital city D.Munkhjargal said that planned works related to heating and engineering facilities and supply of refined coal briquette for ensuring wintering preparations of 2020-2021 are 80 percent complete. Air pollution was reduced by over 50 percent last winter and we aim to boost this success to 80 percent this year. To accomplish this goal, it is crucial to increase access of refined coal briquette and reduce the risk of suffering from carbon monoxide.

“A customer service was established at Tavan Tolgoi Tulsh Company. And 4500 people will work at the service. A risk manager will work at each household, checking CO detectors of each household, providing guidance on making a fire properly and information on prevention of suffering from carbon monoxide.

In addition, it was planned to increase the number of sales points to around 1000. Currently, 40 thousand tons of refined coal have been reserved. By commissioning the second refined coal briquette plant, it will become possible to produce 1 million and 200 thousand tons of refined coal this year.

Furthermore, a decision has been made to put ashes of the refined coal into economic circulation. Within it, a largest basin to sort out ashes come from households in ger area has been set up at Tsagaanchuluut landfill site.