Since August 20, NIO electric vehicles are sold with or without traction batteries. It is extremely important that subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles without batteries and other benefits for those wishing to buy an environmentally friendly vehicle are retained in full. In this, NIO had to work closely with Chinese regulators, and agreement was reached. Buying a carcass of an electric car without a battery is equivalent to buying a full-fledged electric vehicle with all the ensuing consequences.

Choosing a NIO electric vehicle without a battery will automatically reduce the price by 70,000 yuan (approximately $ 10,000). The owner receives a full-fledged electric vehicle, but the battery in its composition is transferred to the balance of the newly formed Wuhan Weineng Battery Asset Co. The monthly rental fee for a 70 kWh base battery is RMB 980 or about $ 140. It is noteworthy that even a rented battery retains all the usual bonuses, including a warranty, taking into account the degree of wear and tear (which affects payments) and the possibility of upgrading to a newer or more capacious one.

As for the service company Wuhan Weineng Battery Asset, China’s largest battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) became one of its owners. Other shareholders of Wuhan Weineng Battery Asset with a 25% stake each were Guotai Junan Securities and Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group, as well as, in fact, NIO itself.

We add: to date, according to the NIO company, 143 stations for quick battery replacement have been deployed in more than 60 cities in China. Each day, these stations make “thousands” of battery replacements. The number of such operations has already exceeded 800 thousand since the beginning of the deployment of the service in the form of its own NIO business.

In addition, the company’s electric car offer without a battery and the corresponding discount allow motorists to purchase an electric car of the same class as a gasoline one for a lower cost. Another example: taking into account the benefits and subject to an initial payment of 15% of the total cost, the more expensive NIO ES6 electric car with a rental battery will cost the same as the equipped Tesla Model 3. There is something to think about.