EffectiveTDs has released an update to Storm, its standalone simulation tool.

 The biggest change in version 0.3.5 include is the addition of initial CUDA support, but several other improvements are added, including:

  • The ability to open files as sequences
  • Mesher is now able to output vdb files
  • Stitcher can override the particle size (alembic)
  • Fixing max speed clamping granular system
  • Added stick weight map set mode
  • Sources can emit directly from meshes
  • Rxported objs also have uvs
  • New expression functions (remaps & noise)
  • New defaults for start and end frames
  • Defaults for start and end frames can get changed via ini file
  • New file browser
  • Option to track UVs on particles
  • Mesher can handle more particle attributes