Substance Painter Tutorial

Allegorithmic’s Substance Painter represents one of the most radical shifts in technology ever to happen for video game, and indeed, all 3D artists. Over the past two years, this program has taken the world by storm and is is now the main workhorse of almost every major video game studio and publisher. It’s being taught in schools as a “must know”. Full Sail, VFS, consider it to be one of the most fundamentally imperative tools for all of their students to learn. Why, you might ask?

Simply put, Substance Painter puts you, the artist, in the drivers seat to create insanely detailed unique textures for assets faster than any other technology before it. Its ability to create and utilize a library of ready-to-use materials is paramount to its success, which is a huge factor in why we’ve built most of our library to be Substance Painter friendly. The dream when we started this site was to ultimately have a technology for simply dragging, and dropping a material from our site into your project, and having it all setup and ready to use. Thanks to Substance Painter, this is finally a reality.

By: Tanner Kalstrom

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