As part of gamescom 2020, they organized the EuroPlay Games Contest, which the organizers called the “gaming Eurovision”.

The essence is as follows: 15 countries are fighting for the title of the winner. Anyone can apply for participation, but only 15 games get to the final – one from a studio from each country. The finalist of the country is determined by the association of developers of the respective territory. Then all the finalists are presented live – the show is arranged according to the Eurovision principle. Finally, the culmination of the event is the vote that determines the winner.

Russia was not among the participants, but there were Ukraine and Belarus. The complete list of finalists looked like this:

  • Australia – Innchanted by DragonBear Studios .
  • Belgium – Midnight Protocol by LuGus Studios ,
  • Belarus – VALHALL from Blackrose Arts ,
  • Bulgaria – Moo Lander by The Sixth Hammer ,
  • UK – Monstrum 2 by Junkfish ,
  • Spain – Melbits POD by Melbot Studios ,
  • Italy – Baldo: The Guardian Owls by NAPS Team ,
  • Latvia – Pieceful by an olive ,
  • Netherlands – of The Falconeer by Thomas Sala (Tomas Sala),
  • Poland – The Riftbreaker from EXOR Studios ,
  • Romania – Door Kickers 2: Task Force North by Killhouse Games ,
  • Serbia – Going Medieval by Foxy Voxel ,
  • Ukraine – Undungeon by Laughing Machines ,
  • Czech Republic – Lost Hero from GoldKnights ,
  • Switzerland – Team: Cars from Caustique Games .

The winner was Melbits POD from Spain – not a game in the traditional sense, but a Tamagotchi-style entertainment. It consists of two parts – an egg-shaped toy and an app on your phone. A speaker, indicator and sensors are hidden in the toy. They detect temperature, light and rolling – how you care for the testicle determines the creature that will hatch from it, and the evolutions that you can discover.

Then the application on your phone or tablet comes into play: your pet lives there. You can dress it up, you can play with it, arrange joint walks through augmented reality, and so on. The toy also encourages you to go out and socialize more often.

Melbits POD is going to be developed as a shared universe: for example, they will release a companion game Melbits World for PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. No release date has been announced, but the egg can be pre-ordered on the official website for 59.99 euros (plus 9 euros for shipping to Russia).

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