Marvel’s Avengers is a service game. Each game service has a delicate question: how are they extorting money from gamers? The developers of Marvel’s Avengers have a new blog post dedicated to this topic .

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics emphasize that content updates will be free – all new characters, story missions, regions and other similar extensions will go to every user ( well, almost ). Paid pitfalls are hidden in “cosmetics” and in battle passes.

Cosmetic items are divided into four main categories:

  • skins,
  • emotions,
  • finishing off,
  • name plates.

Cosmetics can be purchased from special in-game vendors. They sell items of all rarities, including Legendaries, and regularly change their assortment. Prices for goods are indicated in units – a special currency that you get from boxes and get for increasing the level of a faction. Units have no direct connection with donations, so they cannot be bought for real money.

Another way to get hold of “cosmetics” is to shop in the game menu. There you need to pay not in units, but in loans – in currency for real money. 100 credits equals approximately US $ 1. Based on the screenshot, the epic costumes cost 900 credits each – that is, approximately $ 9. The assortment of the store changes every week.

Battle Passes in Marvel’s Avengers are designed as challenge cards for each hero. The cards have 40 levels, they are divided into two scales – free and paid. To upgrade the card, you need to complete the daily and weekly challenges of the corresponding hero.

The card rewards include resources, upgrades, units, credits, and cosmetics. At the launch of Marvel’s Avengers, challenge cards for all six starting heroes will be completely free – you will receive both free and paid scales.

The rest of the cards (for example, those that appear with new heroes) the cost of the paid scale will be 1,000 credits (10 bucks). If you complete the card completely, you will return 1,000 credits to yourself, and also receive “cosmetics” in the amount of 12,500 credits.

Bonus point: Battle Passes in Marvel’s Avengers have no time limit – you can complete them as long as you want. If you still can’t wait, then you will be allowed to buy the pass levels for real money.

Marvel’s Avengers hits release on September 4th.

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