Guitar and violin have that form, which we know is not without reason. Their corpus forms an empty camera that allows the acoustic guitar to receive sound (and therefore electric guitars do not need an acoustic camera) – when you move the strings, the air inside the vibration of the chamber vibrates. It is like when you apply to the mouth bent palms, so that your voice sounded loud. Such an approach works everywhere, where the sound is applied. That is why subwoofers are so big and bulky, and even larger phones usually have the best speakers (because they have built-in air cameras).

Physically it is just harder to make a small size, more compact audio device, which would sound like a table, as well as bigger. But this can be achieved if the traditional resonance camera is used instead of an innovative approach. The design of Lytte HarmoniQ headphones is based on this principle. Unikalinaya forma etikh TWS-naushnikov (byesprovodnykh styeryeonaushnikov) opryedyelyayetsya spyetsialino sproyektirovannoi tryekhmyernoi akustichyeskoi kamyeroi, kotoraya pozvolyayet poluchati bolyeye bogatyye zvuki from uluchshyennymi, bolyeye chyetkimi basami … Eto takjye pomogayet sniziti iskajyeniya zvuka, a takjye yestyestvyennym obrazom obyespyechiti podavlyeniye vnyeshnikh zvukov siloi do 35 dB, which allows them to compete with the active suppression of noise in the headphones Airpods Pro, using this ergonomic form.

Complete accounting of all details when designing Lytte HarmoniQ impresses. The shape of the headphones was obtained with the help of DLP technology on a 3d printer (characteristic, allowing you to create this unique form of acoustic camera). They pass the hand polishing that gives them such a wonderful appearance. Like most “smart” headphones, Lytte HarmoniQ can work together with iOS and Android, providing touch control, double touch and long click to play music and select smartphone functionality (inclusive smartwatch) The Bluetooth 5.0 protocol provides a reliable wireless connection, allowing you to move around the room at a distance of several meters from your phone. At the same time, they do not suffer from the quality of sound, nor delays, and the water resistance class IPx4 makes headphones unsuitable for sweat or drops of water, allowing you to engage in physical exercises. In fact, their silicone inserts provide reliable fixation of the headphones in the ear canal, not letting them accidentally fall out, which often happens with AirPods headphones.