Xbox Cloud Gaming is improving: A new update has “significantly improved” the performance of the service on iOS

microsoft announced a significant increase in the performance of the streaming gaming service Xbox Cloud Gaming on iOS in a new update. The company claims that thanks to this, the gameplay on mobile devices has become smoother and more responsive.

“The Xbox Cloud Gaming team listens to player feedback and appreciates it. You asked to improve [the service] on iOS, and as a result, we have made significant performance improvements on all supported iPhone and iPad devices,” the Xbox Wire blog post.

It is unclear exactly when these improvements were implemented, but Microsoft says that after the changes, the number of positive feedback from players has increased markedly and engagement has increased. Users began to spend 35% more time in games on the “cloud”.

Recently, it also became known about Microsoft’s plans to introduce keyboard and mouse support in Xbox Cloud Gaming. Now the service works only with controllers and in selected games with touch controls.

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