Team17 will release Hokko Life – as Animal Crossing

Drooling at the amazing Animal Crossing: New Horizons , but don’t want to buy the Nintendo Switch? Especially for you, Wonderscope Games studio is developing a project in the same spirit – Hokko Life . Today, Team17 announced its intention to publish the game.

Hokko is the town where the game takes place. You have to help its residents and turn the settlement into a paradise. At Hokko Life, you can build houses, make furniture, do interior design, pick flowers and sew clothes. To create things you need resources – you have to look for them, cut them down and dig them up.

Particular emphasis is placed on the element of creativity. Design options for furniture, outfits and other items are customizable – an affordable but detailed editor is provided.

Among other things, the creation of Wonderscope is allowed to fish and insects, as well as grow crops. There are subtleties – for example, each fish is distinguished by special habits.

Hokko Life will appear on PC this year. The game can be added to your wish on Steam

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